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  • fr0sty125

    I have been served well by bike shops these last couple of weeks.

    I broke my SPD shoes while at the Chase and I was able to get some MT-43 from Swinnerton Cycles for £43 cheaper than anywhere online.

    Last Sat I had a mech meet wheel incident and I broke a spoke and put the wheel out of true, went into one of my LBS Samways Derby on Monday morning they said they could book the wheel in for Friday for a true and replacement spoke. Picked it up today total cost £11.19 and wheel looks perfect.


    I wouldn’t think making next to no profit on a pair of shoes would constitute a ‘good’ bike shop.


    I thought most bike shops did I drop in while you wait on wheels….. It’s only a 5 min job when I’ve had it done (one thing I have never mastered myself, wheels!)

    Samways Derby. Great shop.


    Bike shop shocker!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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