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  • Good alternatives to Shimano Resin pads?
  • Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I’ve just got some Uberbike Race Matrix and first impressions is they’re fantastic.

    Apparently the best of the longevity of sintered with the stoppyness of organic / kevlar.

    Worth a look at £8.99 per pair or £29.99 for 4.


    Danny B

    Premier Icon Tracey

    + 1 for the Uberbike Race Matrix pads.

    First class stopping and wearing. Thats what we will be using in Verbier in a few weeks time


    Cheers for that. It looks like they don’t do the matrix compound for my calliper but they do the “semi metallic”

    Any experience with these?


    Cheers again.


    So with an Alps trip coming up next month I’m looking to pick up a few sets of pads.

    I’m running M775 XT calipers with 203/180 rotors. I quite like the feel of the resin shimano compound (sintered is rubbish imo and the heat build up is mental) but at £13 a set I could do with a cheaper alternative.

    How would you rate:

    A. EBC
    B. Superstar
    C. Clarks

    Or D: Should I stop being a cheap b**tard with something that’s designed to slow me down from certain death?


    Premier Icon jairaj

    I’ve heard some comments that Uberbike’s and Superstar’s are the same.

    I’ve been using Superstar Kevlar pads for years now. Best balance between the grip of organics and longevity of sintered.

    If you know its going to be dry weather I’d be tempted to stick a set organic pads in. I’ve had sets that have lasted well if you keep the abrasive grit out of them.


    Superstar Organic (Blue) are just fine, or Kevlar (Red) offer similar braking with a little more wear resistance.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m going to try the race matrixes next I think, just to see. But superstar kevlar are my normal choice, very very good.


    Uberbike Sintered for me.

    Premier Icon shredder

    Uberbike race compound here superb will buy again.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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