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  • Good all mountain/light freeride bike?
  • dasnut

    Aren't Lapierre Zesty 714s closer to £4K though?

    mine was £2600, because I bought it at the end of the model year, and hence didn't pay full whack.
    can't ride it though no matter how much I paid.


    the man dasnut is right;

    I did the last mega on my pitch (with full XT and 36 TALAS RC2s) and also live in one of the harshest mountain environments to ride – Southern Spain. It is the daddy. I really don't see the point in spending more.

    I also have a BigHit 3 – The same applies; incredible amount of bike for the cash and will handle anything a £7K Santa Cruz will.

    Planty of Bullits around cheap as chips. You can chuck them down just about anything and still ride back up

    Premier Icon SimonR

    I have an Orange Patriot 66 that I am about to start trying to sell. I'd rather sell as a complete (or mostly complete) bike.

    Spec is as follows:
    Patriot 66 frame (16" anti-radar green main frame, black swing arm)
    Marzocchi 66 RC2 ETA forks (180mm travel)
    Swinger 3 way shock
    Hope Pro hubs on Mavic 321 with 2.25 dual ply high rollers (60A rear, super tacky front) and spare 2.5 dual ply Big Earls
    Shimano XT shifters, front mech and shadow rear mech
    Race Face Evolve 22/32/bashring chainset
    Race Face Diabolus bars and stem
    Cane Creek Tank Hit headset
    Hope seat clamp
    Race Face XY0 seat pin
    Probably Avid Code brakes (or maybe a set of Saints – haven't decided which yet)
    B/B is a bit worn and would need replacing soon.

    I've got some pictures on Flickr … here… it's built up a bit differently in the photos but should give you an idea.

    If you're interested get in touch – my e-mail is in my profile.




    Go for the pitch if you can get one.There was a guy in Whistler rode his to third in the downhill there and took pelters before his ride because of what he was on .At the end of the day buying something with your hard earnd cash should make you proud of whatever you are riding.You can allways upgrade later

    Premier Icon didmatt

    Orange Blood?

    I have a Spec' SX trail and its no where near light…

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