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  • MM Golspie is superb, really really good. Some good vids on youtube.
    If your up there make sure you ride Balblair just along from Bonarbridge. Its about 15/20 miles from Golspie.


    Well good! The trail centre there is the second best in Britain. It is pure fun from top to bottom.

    Balblair is good too- lots of exposed rock and stuff.

    The big loop is awesome!!!!
    I’ve done a day up there. Would love to go back and ride it in the dry!!
    Some of the sections get pretty slick in the wet. Great fun!!!

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    Yup – agreed – Golspie is fantastic and can be knocked out pretty quickly – do it a couple of times so that you can do the top half more justice the second time 🙂

    Second the shout for Balblair – shame (or a good thing depending on your perspective) that it doesn’t get more use (same is true of Golspie although it has been a while since I have been). Cracking trails and a bit different to other centres due to the sheer quantity of riding on grippy granite rocks.

    If you have time, try and squeeze in a wee loop of the Puffer course too. Always worth a spin 🙂 this is near Strathpeffer and if you need local advice see that good people at Square Wheels bikes in Strathpeffer.


    Brilliant day out – the big dipper bit is great craic!

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    Trail there is excellent, should get a couple of laps in. Good climb up and then a 7km descent!


    Golspie’s excellent. Best trail centre I’ve ridden. Nice climb up with some beautiful coastal vistas to enjoy (weather permitting). There’s a great technical climb heading up to the top of the black. Keep an eye out at the highest point for the most comically ineffective ‘shelter’ ever built.

    The black descent on the open hillside is fast. Big jumps, drops and rock gardens. When the trail re-enters the trees it slows down a bit and tests a slightly different skill set.

    The remainder of the descent is graded red and is an absolute hoot. Lovely flow thoughout.


    I’m off to stay within a short ride of Golspie for a few days next month..
    What’s the riding like around there..?
    Whet my appetite.. 😀


    Been looking on youtube – great stuff, can’t wait 😀

    Is there much off piste/wild stuff to be had up there..?
    We’re staying with a guy that’s experienced in riding the area so pretty much guaranteed not to miss out on anything..

    There’s a chance of riding the puffer course too I guess as I know our host does it..


    Is there much off piste/wild stuff to be had up there..?

    Not that I know of. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t exist.

    If someone can show you you might consider Craig Dunain near Inverness on the way up or down.

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