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  • neilb67

    This is the current project. It will have a 2.0 TFSI fitted next week


    What is it?


    Scirocco Cup car

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    I know its a different engine/transmission variant but I love my 2009 MK5 R32 with DSG. If its a sluggish DSG can sometimes be cured with simple filter/oil change on the gearbox. Its such a docile relaxing car to drive in auto rolling along at 30mph in 6th and gentle squeeze of the toes will see you accelerating gently and steadily still in 6th along with all the other traffic.
    In sport/manual paddle mode or just being more aggressive with the throttle in auto it is simply awesome, its the best car I have ever driven bar none. The DSG shift is instantaneous and at low revs so smooth its only the display that gives away what gear your are in.
    I did consider the GTi but I am a sucker for a V8 or a V6 and bought it as I hope it will become an appreciating classic. I also have budgeted for expensive gearbox or engine rebuilds should ever the worst happen. As for fuel economy- I didnt buy it to look at the gauge, I have it set on miles left in the tank so I dont look like a divvy at the roadside out of fuel.
    Enjoy your new toy, you wont regret it 🙂


    I’ve just picked up a Tuareg R-Line with the 8 speed DSG.

    Not taken it out of Drive mode yet until it’s run in properly but it shifts like hell and the gear changes are exceptionally quick and at times unnoticeable. Can’t wait to try Sports mode.

    Very pleased with VW engineering so far.


    As for fuel economy- I didnt buy it to look at the gauge, I have it set on miles left in the tank so I dont look like a divvy at the roadside out of fuel.

    I love R32’s but when i was selling them it had to be the used car with the most previous owners on the logbook, when i got feedback on this it was mostly all the same reason. Running costs, namely fuel. The best i could average was 26mpg on a gentle run.

    But credit for accepting this and being realistic about it, as many R32’s are bought with a ‘it will be ok, ill drive it conservatively’. Inpossible with such a fun car i say.


    I love taking my in-laws 3.2L V6 TT (same as R32) for a spin – but thankful when I give the keys back and sit in my own TT (1.8T). The fuel bill difference is huge!! 20-22mpg vs. 36-40mpg.


    Owned a mk5gti (3 door manual in black with all the options bar leather) for 6 years now and only reason i still own it is there is nothing that can persuade me to change. (this may change with the mk7 when they are a couple of years old).

    Best and cheapest mod i have made is a £20 polybush insert in the rear engine mount which has removed slight judder underload and wheel hop.

    Diamond cut wheels are a swine to keep nice otherwise happy.

    So good its nearly as lovely as my mk1 gti 🙂


    I Like the idea of the R32 but still have a Mk3 VR6 hangover of which 22mpg was a good day, even my Impreza was better!.
    The Mk 5 is so civilised if you want it to be however 😈 fun went you don’t/ Would have bought a Mk 6 if I hadn’t heard of the nightmares. Waiting for a 2nd hand Mk 7 now.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Mum, my dad’s got a fairly low mileage 1996 mk3 VR6 too, nice car, but stupidly thirsty for what these days isn’t that quick!


    How does a Mk5 GT Sport compare? The 140ps model?

    I may have the chance to get one in the new year. Or should I hold out and just get a GTI?

    Premier Icon cobrakai

    My car history so far has been Mk4 2.0 GTI, Mk4 1.9tdi and now Mk5 R32, all manual.

    The GTI was great at handling but was no where near as powerful as a GTI should be and I barely got more than 40mpg. Wish I’d went for the 1.8t but it was loads of fun on B roads.

    The TDI was very front heavy so went through tyres quickly but easily got +55mpg which was fine when I lived 30 min from work. I loved the car but moved closer to work so the car didnt eaven get a chance to warm up.

    The R32? Oh dear mother of god. Sounds amazing, goes like a rocket and I’ve still not found the grip limit (been trying hard!). Downsides, I struggle to get near 30mpg but I dont care about that. Financially its a money pit but if you buy one expecting any different, your misleading yourself. As I said, its manual but i’d heard stories about the DSG reliability in the 07/08 models so stuck with manual. I’d prefer DSG as I find the manual a bit of hard work at times but due the amount of torque in the V6, once your above 30 it satys in 6th unless I’m playing.

    As for GTI’s? More economical for what is marginal difference in power. The grip is good but I cant see past 4 motion now. I’d also go for DSG as most people are saying above.

    If you dont hear from me by christmas I’ll be in a hedge somewhere in Hampshire with a grin on my face.


    How come you are all getting bad mpg ?

    My TT aves around 35/29 depending if I’m in town or home on the coast.
    Ok, as said I drive it like a grandad, but still some of you quoting low mpg means you must boot it quite a lot. I went out in mine last night, the first time in 3weeks and the ave still said 33…

    I must learn to drive harder eh 😆


    TT considerably lighter than a Golf!?


    Not with a boot full of wine 😉


    qdj001, i own a GT Sport. For a diesel its very quick off the mark and returns 50+mpg
    Think my next car will be a Edition 30 though…

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