Goldilocks grips (neither fashionably skinny or big hands fat)?

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  • Goldilocks grips (neither fashionably skinny or big hands fat)?
  • Rob Hilton

    I don’t think hand size has any relevance.

    I have a woman’s hands, my Lord and I prefer fat squishy grips – ODI Yetis or Rogues do me nicely. Some of my spade-handed friends prefer skinny-skinny grips.


    Raceface half nelsons are my new favourites, best I’ve used.


    I put some half nelsons on recently and have found them very comfortable.

    Intense/ODI for me. They have a semi flange as well.

    Hurrr, hurrr, semi and flange.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    ^^ lol 😀

    I’m with Rob Hilton on this one, I’ve small girly hands and currently have ODI Rogues on one bike and Oury’s on the other. I like em big and squishy (with no flange).

    Edit: Easton do both a 30mm and 33mm ‘carbon friendly’ grip.

    Any recommendations for grips for normal size hands? ODI Troy Lee and SDG are too skinny without wearing more padded gloves. Superstar Excel are too fat (and have a horrible hard compound).

    Whenever I look for new grips all the marketing blurb goes on about grips being skinny for better feel or fat for better cushioning but almost no-one gives measurements or says “this is our normal grip for normal people with normal hands”. I think those ODI ones are 30mm and the Excels 34mm so 32mm with a good compound would be nice.

    Not a lot smaller than the outside diameter of a lock-on collar seems to be the size that works. My fingers sort of lock solid on skinny grips and start hurting. So ignoring hand size, recommendations along those lines!


    Lizard skins ‘Peaty’ grips for me 🙂

    I found ODI rogues too fat and ruffians too thin, Peaty’s are right in the middle – for me anyway.

    Premier Icon everyone

    ESI chunkys for me!


    I have relatively small hands and rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers, tried all sorts of grips, including Ergon gp2’s with the bar ends and tried all sorts of different padding on gloves. Currently using ODI X-treme grips, which are quite skinny and flanged and wearing gloves without padding, as I found the padding made my symptoms worse. Whatever the reason, they are very comfortable. I think it’s a bit of trial and error with things like grips and gloves, as I never thought my current set up would be the one that worked, but it does…

    I bought some of these in the end:

    A few rides in and I’m liking them!

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