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  • Going Tubeless, advise from those who know please!
  • timc

    Sorry to start another tubeless thread & ask the question(s) again but I want to be sure!

    I have the following wheels & tyres running inner tubes now…



    Can i simply pop the tubeless valves back in the Wheels & add some of this Stans inflate & off I go?

    Or is there more to it & Im missing something?

    Any advise most welcome 🙂

    I would say yes, your good to go tubeless.

    Tubeless rims, fit valve, remove valve core. Inflate to seat tyre onto rim (may need a compressor). Add sealant to seal porous tyres. Refit valve cores and go for a spin to help spread sealer.
    Dont be too suprised if they go flat over night the first time.Takes a while to seal the tyres sometimes.


    Cool, thanks for the advise, ill give it a go!

    Would you say use the stans or would you recommend another fluid? say joesor similar?


    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    I just set up my second set of wheels. They were a bit trickier I think as the rims were wider. Had them inflated overnight with tubes but wasn’t very successful at only unseating one bead when removing the tube. Pumping like mad with the track pump wasn’t working very well so I put the sealent in and sloshed it around whilst holding the she’ll horizontally, I then flipped it over and did the same again. My thinking was that the sealant would help the bead stick to the rim enough that I could get enough air in to finish the job. It worked. That was with a tubeless ready Spesh Captain and a regular High Roller. I’m happy with Stans, seemed to last at least 6 months in my other wheels but probably longer.

    Those are not tubeless ready tyres and they also have very thin sidewalls . It is not unheard of to get them to run tubeless but it is not easy to get them to inflate and the sealant tends to piss out of the sidewalls for quite a while .I would say if it’s your first tubeless experience you will struggle to get them to work properly .


    Buy some prober TLR tyres, the performance line is no good for TL its possible, but not worth it.
    Buy the Evo series or even better the supergravity

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