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  • Premier Icon Paulio

    I give it a shake and if I can hear sloshing like when sealing it initially then it’s probably ok, if not then stick some more in.

    I can sometimes hear a ball of dried up stuff rattling around in the tyre when you give the wheel a spin so then I lift a bit of the tyre off and take that out. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned the old latex off the inside of a tyre except when swapping tyres around anyway.

    When your tubeless latex solution is getting beyond its useful practical life, what signs should you look out for? And can you just top it up or do you have to completely clean the old crap out and start again?



    I can usually tell when the tyres fail to stay inflated for extended periods, or I get a puncture!
    I then just pour some more latex in, which I mix up myself. I’ve just started to ride my SS to work after nearly eight months, and the back tyre was still at 40psi, the front was about 20.

    Cheers chaps/chappesses :D.

    I generally go for the enduro/all mountain type of riding and usually the weather in west yorkshire has quite a few muddy/slippy areas, so traction is one of the main reasons for going tubeless(lower pressures). I know lots of people run their own pressures and with tubes, generally i ran somewhere near 35 front and 40 at the rear(psi), what type of safe low pressures could be achieved?

    BTW how do you mix up your own latex solution, very interested in hearing that one!?

    Premier Icon mrelectric

    I just added more when the tyre was loosing air. Rear needed it first.

    Those pressures sound high. Down to 25 rear and 30 front for more techy stuff (not that I’m any cop on it, but hey, all the gear..).
    30 & 35 max. NNics rear HD front.

    There was a thread about cleaning out old gunge recently…

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    I’m a fat bloke and run my 2.4 nics at just over 20 and just under 30

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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