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    Ok folks,

    long time ago you could get decent advice on the Capital of the British emprire by three very prolific people on here, Griz, CFH and FRED/BRA/AZ.

    Now, seems like they have all gone, so i guess i’ll have to rely on the kindness of the stanger for help.

    Goign to london in October/November and wee need recommandation for a place to stay.

    Either a Rb&B or a nice B&B.Both in the zone 1 or 2 and idealy not too far from the Covent garden/picadily area (to access to the musicals). If the later could be a nice place and not a toursit trap that would be amazing 😀

    Tahnks for any tips/help

    Best regards


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    Fred/Bra/Az has an alert on his phone every time he’s mentioned on the forum, so you might get a response! 😆
    CFH definitely hasn’t gone.

    Premier Icon juan
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    PMSL at th alert this is wickedawesum
    Well I haven’t seen any post from CFH recently

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    I reckon you’d be better using one of those new fangled websites like trivago or airbnb rather than ask a none-existent person on the internet who by virtue of non-existently living there, probably doesn’t stay in many B+Bs in the city.

    City of London area is cheap on a weekend, Covent Garden area is shit, I’d look at staying somewhere like Bloomsbury or Marylebone. Don’t just ride the tube either, Google maps also good for buses and you’ll see a lot more than just adverts for the latest gig economy / app thing / health anxiety

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    As above, I’d look at the western edges of the City, such as Blackfriars. Business hotels there often desperate to fill rooms at the weekend. An easy bimble on a Boris Bike to the West End.

    The alternative option would be Pimlico. A bit off centre, London wise, squeezed I between Westminster, Belgravia, Chelsea etc, but a rather excellent place. There are some dive hotels (more hostel, really), but if you look around there are some good spots. Loads of amazing food, and the best beer pub in the world.

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    Pimlico is not that nice, worked there for a number of years, has a very high level of winos roaming the area due to number of hostels etc. Cask is an over rated pub (lots of beers but tables all get booked up so you can’t sit, food is expensive and the view if you drink outside is a fairly busy road and a council estate). You can do better.

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    Recently we stayed in a premier inn just behind the London eye. Reasonably priced and typical premier inn no frills but, clean and efficient. Brilliant location and perfect for a couple of night stay. obviously didn’t spend any time there, out and about all day but when I’m London that’s what you do.

    Accommodation in central London is generally pretty crap in my experience unless you’re willing to go spendy you and go up market so a reasonably priced premier inn is just right.

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    How about staying somewhere a bit further out, more leafy and pleasant? Wimbledon/Hampton Court/Twickenham /Kingston/Richmond type direction.

    Public transport is not terrible, and even with a few Ubers back there at the end of each night out it will likely be less expensive than a Zone1 tourist trap hotel.

    Much more likely to find a twee B&B further out, plus some decent pubs and entertainment options if you don’t fancy central each day.

    Just a thought, although it may not be the London experience you are looking for.

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    the best beer pub in the world.

    go on then?

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    I gave up staying in central London years ago. Hotel quality was random, borderline dangerous on occasion and terrible VFM. I now stay out in Greenwich. It has an ibis, holiday inn express and a Novotel amongst others. All of which can be had for cheaps on a weekend. Take the Thames clipper into town, grab a beer onboard and listen to the turbos spool up on the fast stretch toward tower bridge. Tube-DLR or overground it home when done for the evening.

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    Where you want to be and near the Harp which I think was Camra’s pub of the year in London. Oddly the bed in this place was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever stayed in in an hotel. Breakfast is simple and functional but the main winning consideration is location and price. Stayed there twice and will continue to do so when in the swingeing city.

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