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  • Going to the darkside – roadbiking and commuting – advice sought
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    There’s a lot of useful info on the British Cycling site about commuting:
    And on the same subject, if you’re riding lots, get a membership of British Cycling or CTC – their insurance may well come in handy one day…

    It’s not about the bike (much). Any sort of road bike/hybrid/tourer/CX bike will do the job.
    Good, enjoyable cycle commuting depends on a routine. ALWAYS have a waterproof (any old shell style one will do, doesn’t have to be a £200 Gore job), a toolkit containing all the necessary allen keys, widgets etc for your bike, a pump and a couple of spare tubes. Mine lives in my commuter rucksack permanently so I never go “oh shit, I left it on the MTB…”

    Cheap clothing is fine, it doesn’t need to be Rapha. Commuting wrecks kit so use old stuff if possible or cheap new kit – a pair of shorts from Aldi might only last one season but at least they only cost £10. My commuter shoes are about 10 years old!

    If you’ve got a locker/showers/bike store at work then you’re laughing. I leave a towel and a pair of trousers at work then take in a fresh top, socks and underwear each day. ALWAYS have an emergency set of clothing at work – I can guarantee that you will forget your underwear once!

    If possible, get some lights that charge from a USB or take a spare charger into work. Again, lights will just get bashed around, fall off, get soaked so it’s worth buying 2 cheaper ones rather than one massively expensive one.

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    Stuey01 – I’m bang on 6ft.

    My LBS kindly lent me a road bike to try out – an alloy Cannondale Synapse which I used for commute home last night.

    Couple of observations:

    1) It felt really fast. But according to Endomondo I was on average only 1 mph faster than on my Anthem X. Now there are a couple of reasons for this I think. Although the Anthem X is full sus – it is very efficient and quick. Also it took me a while to get used to the roadbike – it took most of the ride home to get used to the gears, and whereas on the mountain bike I probably feel more confident passing stopped or slow moving traffic etc I just didn’t feel confident to do that to the same extent on the road bike so I lost time there.
    2) It was blowing a gale and the roads were wet and covered in wet leaves and I have no idea where the limits of grip are on the skinny tyres and wasn’t keen to find out either so I was taking it easy in places where on the mountain bike I perhaps wouldn’t have to the same extent.

    Also I woke up this morning to discover the front tyre on the road bike has a puncture – it had the tiniest slither of what looked like plastic embedded in the tyre and work through in to the inner tube causing a slow puncture. Not sure if I was unlucky, but it doesn’t bode well for reliability. What are others experiences of road tyres and puncture per mile rates?


    YOU CAN’T FIT MUDGUARDS TO A TRIBAN 3 if you run anything other than the standard Btwin tyres. The clearances are extremely tight and Btwin tyres are very skinny and low profile and even with them fitted I doubt you could even fit Crud guards. You certainly can’t fit them with a tyre like a Michelin Pro 3.

    Triban 3 is an excellent bike in the frame, forks and major components but the wheels are frankly carp; a replacement front wheel is £25 from decathlon and it shows in the cheesy nature of the rim and the rough and fast-wearing bearings.

    by identifying the white bike as better you are learning well young padowan, but to achieve full status you need to learn The Rules of the Velominati.

    For instance, I can get away with blue tyres as that is the colour of my frame at the areas of the frame closest to the tyres. Otherwise they would have to be black.


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    I think I have already broken rule number 18 and 34, 35 .

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    I bought one of the triban 5’s (the red ones) today, I need a commuter bike and didn’t want to destroy one of my good road bikes on going to work duties. First impressions, frame and finish seem ok, the hubs are a little grawnchy, slackened of the front cones a tad but they stil feel a bit dry. Running gear seems ok and will be replaced with better kit I have from other builds as it wears out but the stock saddle is bizarre some sort of banana shaped torture device – straight into the bin and replaced with a San marco. For £300 it seems a good bit of kit.

    I looked at the triban 5 whilst in the shop, the frame and forks seemed fairly similar apart from the stays, oddly it also felt a little heavier than the 5 but I’ve no idea if it is. For me I couldn’t really justify another £200 for carbon stays and sora gears and chainset on a commuter

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