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  • stevelolly

    Agreed , loving mine as well. What Avid’s on yours and what issues you having ? Only had mine about 6 weeks but no issues so far with the elixir 5’s.


    Couldn’t agree more, mines ace.

    The Elixir 5’s are holding up just fine too

    Premier Icon billyboy

    I did the 5″ / 6″ travel Full Susser then for a longtime I’ve been questing after the best long travel hardtail trail bike….

    I’ve Pace(d) it times 3 (303/305/325.5), I’ve 456(d) it x 2 (Ti and Steel), and I’ve Sanderson Blitz(d) it x 1………….

    then my knee went…..S0, I’ve been casting around for a full suspension bike to take a few of the knocks out of riding………..

    And the most unlikely thing I’d have thought I’d end up with was a Giant Anthem 29er with tight angles and only 100mm of travel and big wheels…….


    What a brilliant bike!!!! Early days (I guess) but I’m loving it…..

    It just goes to show that sometimes it is good to override your prejudices and go with the flow of what feels good…..

    And to rub that in ……I’m even considering keeping the 10 speed double set up it came with…which I thought I’d shove straight into touch

    The Avid brakes might go though….you can only bend prejudice so far!!!!


    Billyboy, they are great bikes for sure. I am still toying up between anthem and trance 29er. I loved the anthem last years and surprised how good it was in steeper stuff. Only downside I felt was risk of pedal strikes. When T29 came out, tested both side by side. Anthem still great but lots of pedal strikes this time and Ralph’s led to a few scary moments I steep roots. But still a brilliant blast. Then T proved to be surprisingly good at longer XC rides and no pedal strikes. Annoying left me confused now!!! Just had 2 hour XC blast on old HT tonight a d made me hanker after anthem again!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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