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  • going grey
  • plumber

    first grey hairs at college

    53 now and mostly still have colour although the neighbour mentioned how grey my hair had become on Sunday. Hes been away for 4 months and I’ve grown it much longer in that time 🙂 Thinking about getting a pink rinse now

    Honestly don’t care – I look amazing with whatever – short, long, bald, grey ‘style’ I choose

    Started a few grey pubes now – which is nice

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    I’m 45 and have a fair bit of grey coverage now, started around 35 I think – can’t say it bothers me (prefer having grey hair to a rapidly receding hair line…). Mind you my granddad apparently had a completely white head of hair by age 22 so I dodged a bullet there.


    The grey hairs on my chest are so wiry that they stick out and make my cycling jersey puff out. I took the clippers to them the other week. Won’t be doing that again. Oh the itching!!!!

    Premier Icon blitz

    Started to get my first grey hairs around 20 and completely grey now in my late 30s. I joke with my wife that it’s her fault as we got together when we were 19!

    I really DGAF though and wouldn’t contemplate dying it. Oddly, despite going grey on top so early, none of my other body hair is grey at all except the odd nostril hair. Much rather a full head of grey than be going bald.

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    I’ll be honest here, yeah for a change I know.

    I started turning grey around 44-45, not a lot but enough for my locks (my hair isn’t long, above collar but floppy top) to show around the sides. So I made a fatal mistake of getting my hair highlighted… like yeah. My hair is sun bleached brown anyway so I thought a few more streaks would go unnoticed..

    But nah.

    My Mates laughter was vicious and loud, my boss pointed and said “mate, that’s just wrong” and that was it for me..

    Following week I had lowlights and it took it down a notch or two and looked pretty good to be honest.

    Ever since I’ve just accepted going grey, I get more admiration and side glances now than I’ve probably ever have done.

    I came to terms with it and now love it’s random grey/smoke/brown/blondness…


    First grey hair on your head is one thing, first one downstairs is another think altogether.

    I found my first grey pube the other day. It’s the last time I eat my granny’s homemade trifle.

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    47 and fully Schofield but both my parents were white at 40 so I knew it was inevitable.  My niece reckons I’d look weird now with dark hair and I tend to agree.

    One thing I will not abide though is the onset of thick bushy eyebrows, they get plucked as soon as they appear.

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    Well done alexandersupertramp – HtS comment reminded me of that gag (I seem to remember the doctor has a heart attack at the end of the episode and Rab leaves him to kark it in the office 🙂 )


    36, greying for years now, and thinning rapidly at the back.

    For the time being I’m telling myself it’s a George Clooney “silver fox” sort of look.

    But it’s only a matter of time before the thinning progresses to the point it’s more of an “egg in a silver nest” sort of look. Hopefully I catch it before then and transition gracefully to the escaped convict look.

    It’s just hair.

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    I couldn’t give a toss abut going grey.  It is what it is.


    Thank you for the varied answers and confessions there. Someone asked how long my hair is, its long, down to mid chest, but typically tied up in a knot or ‘man bun’ if you prefer using terms like that. Never a ponytail. I have a beard too. See also: Jesus Of Nazareth etc. He never lived long enough to go grey did he? He had some stresses though tbf. Probably had a few.

    For the record, personally not overly bothered, but it certainly for me has become the first tangible sign of getting older.

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    My hair isn’t grey, it’s totally white and it has been since I was about 35 but until last year I had a very short shaved head so people never really noticed. I’m now 49 and in the passed year I have let my hair (and my beard) grow substantially and have got used to it. It runs in my family, my dad and sister were grey at a similar age to me and I”m perfectly comfortable with it.

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    50 and still ginger. One or two white hairs.  The later man’s hair has more grey volunteers than original hair.

    Always been proud of having ginger hair. Funny thing is when I race the kids nobody believes my age.

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    First grey hair at 15, embrace it.

    …..but I kept it short for work, and keep it short as a preference now


    Had a beautiful blond mane for most of my life, now at 52 a mix of mousy brown, grey and in the last few years thinning fast. Don’t care that much tho as my Dad was bald and combing over by 21, so have counted me blessings for most of 30 years +.


    I started going grey when i was 21 but even now at 45 its still only 50%ish grey. Most of my family were white haired by 45 so doing slightly better than them. It has never bothered me in the slightest although people have no idea about my age as i have very little facial hair so i am  baby faced with a head of grey hair.

    An old mate of mine started going bald at 19 and grey at 21. Bowlegged AF and looks like he’s wearing white knitted jumpers under his t-shirts. Proper chimp. We all still love him though. Hang in there.

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