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  • Going for a long ride what energy drinks/bars/gels to take?
  • Dont bother. Energy gels and that give you a bit of a boost, but the key thing is just to keep eating soreen. Dont just eat at lunch, eat before and afterwards? And get a good breakfast down you.

    Energy supplements are very much a personal choice IME as they can disagree with your stomach.

    If I do a long ride I will take fig rolls and have one about every half hour and a banana mid ride. I also take SIS lemon and lime electrolyte drink with me as I sweat loads.

    As for energy bars and gels, I find the Zipvit ones are very nice and palatable, but as said it’s all personal choice.

    The main thing to keep energy levels up is to eat before you’re hungry and drink before your thirsty.



    i did 110 miles around lake geneva on saturday… my training beforehand consisted of a few 30 miles rides over the last few months.

    * i forgot to have dinner the night before, but did managed to only have 3 pints of beer.

    * i had a pain o’chocolat and a snickers bar for breakfast.

    * lunch was a burger and chips halfway round.

    * snacks were snickers bars and haribo during the ride.

    * liquids were about 3.5 litres of water and about a 0.5 litre of gatorade

    …nice and healthy!

    made it round in just under 7hrs (should have been closer to 6hrs, but my brother expired halfway round so i had to coax him the final leg as he couldn’t sustain the 18-22mph average)

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    If you’re not used to energy drinks I wouldn;t start now – as above some can ‘disagree’ with you in quite a dramatic way.

    I always use the SIS Lemon and Lime powder in my camelbak on every ride as I get bad cramps after a couple of hours otherwise.

    If I know I’ll have to refill camelbak I take spare powder in a drinks bottle in the cage on the bike and have marked that so I know how much to add to the bladder when filling up.


    Ok so in summery dont bother with energy drinks and eat soreen lots. What about some clif bars are they any better that soreen as they are designed for the job?

    And how about Nuun tabs they are electrolyte not energy are these ok to drink or can they mess around with you?

    Just incase it matters I tend to get a bit of heart burn if I push myself hard will these products affect it?

    Ok so in summery dont bother with energy drinks and eat soreen lots. What about some clif bars are they any better that soreen as they are designed for the job?

    **** knows, food is food (sort of). Just keep eating the high energy stuff, soreen packs a shit load of energy for its size so thats why its decent. Bread would do, snickers bars wood do, flap jack would do. No point spending loads of money on energy bars.

    mr plow

    I Ache – Did I see a monarch plus on your enduro – what are your thoughts?


    I don’t normally use energy drinks etc I just normally have water and maybe some soreen but I feel the need to take something this time as it will be a long day.

    So should I:

    Put some electrolyte tabs in my camelback if so witch ones
    Take some gel packs if so which ones
    Take some energy bars if so which ones
    We will likely be stopping for lunch so I will probably just pack some ham sarnies and a soreen for that.

    If I do put electrolyte in my drink I will want it to taste nice otherwise I would rather just water.

    I feel the need for getting this stuff because my fitness isnt upto scratch so I will need some help or I will flag pretty fast and the other guys have been training for it.



    Jelly babies, jelly cubes and a PMA. You sound ‘worried’ which IMO helps too, is that adrenalin?

    Depends on what you can handle personally, I can’t handle much solid food while on the bike but a mate could easily devour a big mac while riding so I use gels or energy drink with the odd bar thrown in. Find Torq pretty good on the stomach.


    I am worried to be honest I don’t manage many long days in the hills most of my riding is in the local woods or a few hours around Cannock Chase. Im not particually good at climbing and top that off with one ride in the past 3 weeks I dont even have my legs used to peddling at the moment. Im worried about burning out or dropping dead from dehydration, also having not ridden with any of the guys (apart from my brother) I’m not sure what the pace will be like. I want to prepare myself for the worst so want to pack plenty of energy.


    eccles cakes

    The key is to keep eating. An energy gel can help when your absolutely flagging and not to far from home, but you dont want to get to this point, hence keep scoffing the soreen!


    If you want to be all scientific about it, eat a carb-ish breakfast followed by a couple of cups of proppa coffee an hour or so before the start.

    Fill your reservoir with High 5 Energy Source mix (caffeinated) and maybe add an electrolyte tab or two if you expect to be sweating a lot. Force yourself to drink it to begin with it contains a trace of salt to make you thirsty so once you’ve started you will keep drinking it but if you wait until you feel thirsty it’s too late.

    Energy gels are like a get out of jail card they give you a short-fuse instant boost to get you home but don’t rely on them.

    As above Torq is very easy to digest but personally I find it at little ineffective perhaps more suited to long-distance running than MTBing.

    BTW try not to make a habit of this kind of nutrition. It is far more effective if you only use it when you really need to.

    And how about Nuun tabs they are electrolyte not energy are these ok to drink or can they mess around with you?

    Nuun tabs are great – i like the tri berry ones. They are just electrolyte so shouldn’t cause any stomach issues and never have done in my case.

    I like and use high 5 4:1 for rides over 50miles/racing, combined with a pre ride coffee for an instant energy hit, but its a personal preference and as said, if you’ve not time to try anything out, then don’t bother. Just eat little and often.

    Eat, hydrate and rest properly before your ride. Chocolate milk for recovery.


    I would echo what some have already advised in terms of not experimenting with energy foods on a long ride. There are a wide range of products available and whether any suit you at all is very much a question of personal taste.

    I would say if you want something with a bit of taste in your hydration pack then use your favourite squash, but not too strong and a pinch of salt for every 500ml is as good as most electrolyte drinks and much cheaper.

    If you are riding anywhere near civilisation then buy rolls or sandwiches if you can en route because sweet energy products can get very sickly over a long ride and your palate will hanker for something savoury.

    Boots make a nice orange flavoured energy bar which is chocolate covered but that depends again on your taste. I tend to carry one or two of these on long rides in case of emergency ‘bonk’.


    I think I might get some Nunn tabs and pass on the rest of the energy gubbins apart from maybe a couple of gels just in case.

    I will take a few soreen loafs and have a nibble every time we stop and some nice savoury ham cheese and pickle sarnies, maybe some fig rolls to mix it up. Maybe pass on the gels and get a couple of packs of haribo.

    As for afters I got a couple of for goodness shakes a while back so will have one of them after the ride and it is likely that there will be a large quantity of hoegaarden/ale consumed.

    I will also try to have a massive bowl of pasta the night before to try and carbo load. 2 McDonalds breakfasts might be eaten on route as I wont have the time for a fry up.

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