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  • Stupid.is

    So normally I prefer to ride with contacts and use either clear or yellow safely glasses. Now my new lid has a goggle strap bit and I curious now conditions are rather grotty. Why do people prefer goggles over clear glasses?


    goggles work a lot better.


    In terms of functionality perhaps ..

    I use goggles for big mountain descending and bike parks. Speeds are up for extended periods of time, or periods of high intensity, both of which give me streamy eyes. For regular trail riding, they’re too much hassle to keep taking on and off.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Has anyone found a decent set if OTG goggles?

    Premier Icon cubist

    So on cold mornings I cry like I’m having some form of breakdown. Goggles stop that and I can actually see where I’m going but after 10 minutes of vigorous riding I’m warmed up and then they mist up and I’m blind again anyway.


     Why do people prefer goggles over clear glasses?

    Fashion and because they’re enduro 😉

    They do work well if you’re doing long descents but I only use mine with a full face helmet on purely dh rides as they’re just a pain in the arse and another thing to have to faff about with on a normal ride.


    They offer more impact protection in a crash and won’t get ripped off your face so easily.

    Perhaps it’s working in labs where I need goggles, but I wear them everywhere and simply put them on at the top of descents.

    Also, I’m more of a winch and launch kind of rider, I don’t do many flowy XC rides that are up and down. I stick to riding that is straight down the hill and back up again.

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    They’re MOAR enduro.

    I ride with contacts to and for those above that have not experienced the agony of grit under one trust me its f… Painfull.
    Smith squad optic goggles are really ventilated and play well with my kask rex helmet

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I came up short on a jump last weekend and landed on my face, smashing a chunk out of my helmet and slamming my goggles into my visage.

    I was wearing tactical paintball type goggles which I’d got because they were smaller.

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/ZnhpeL]Untitled[/url] by Kayak23, on Flickr

    I think the fact they were smaller is what caused the issue. The lens actually got squished out of the frame and presumably that’s what bruised my eye.

    I’ve just gone full Enduro on some normal sized ones as I think they’re a better compromise.

    Pain in the bum to try to keep dry and mist free though.


    I’m seriously thinking of running goggles on my road bike on super cold 6am commutes. The chilly forehead is a killer.

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    Has anyone found a decent set if OTG goggles?

    I Used to use Oakley L-frames, they definitely fitted over most glasses, but even with all the foam pulled out of the vents and drilled lenses they merrily fogged up, although that was mostly with a FF lid riding DH, I did wear them with a piss pot for a laugh a couple of times, sort of worked but they were not worn for longer periods then…

    My general experience is that that OTG goggles don’t really work…

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