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  • Goal Zero Yeti X (or similar) portable power station thingy
  • zilog6128
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    anyone got any experience of these? (this kind of thing:) https://www.solarpowersupply.co.uk/goal-zero-yeti-1000x-lithium-portable-power-station

    Having been impressed with a mate’s self-build camper (including all the electrics) recently, was vaguely considering slightly “day-vanning” my regular panel van to make it a bit more camp friendly (essentially just thinking about a leisure battery or similar to run a fridge, maybe induction hob, and obviously to charge up our many devices!). But I’ll probably change this van at some point when prices settle, plus am lazy, so the all-in-one solution sounds pretty appealing! I know they’re expensive obviously, but actually it’s not at a premium versus getting a decent Lithium leisure battery & all the separate charging gubbins. And because they’re portable (desperately trying to justify it to myself here) you can bring them inside to keep the hot-tub going in the event of a power cut, or power my gear at work which might make the difference between getting an urgent job out the door, or not!

    There’s also a few units like this
    which are (I think) basically all the electrical bits you’d need for a van (solar/alternator/mains charging, monitoring, etc) you just plug in whatever battery you want. The bonus of that I guess is it’s upgradable just by swapping or adding a new battery, so I could start out with a cheaper AGM one and change to Lithium at some point in the future, but obviously it’s less portable and would still need wiring up so sockets etc I think.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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