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  • Go from 2 bikes to one – what would you do?
  • Premier Icon woody71
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    Dear ‘trackers

    I’ve got a couple of nice bikes – a full sus (2016 trek top fuel) and hard tail (2017 trek Procaliber). The top fuel is underused (it’s at my in laws and I use it on the SDW when visiting and probably only gets ridden once a month). I use the procaliber regularly (2-3 times week). I really only ride xc with occasional singletrack and nothing hardcore.

    Im think about selling them both and getting something like a trek supercaliber (looks interesting and I’ve only ever been into short travel bikes) as it might kill two birds with one stone.

    What would you do?

    Anyone got any experience of the supercaliber?


    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    I went to one MTB, stayed full suss, as it keeps my options open to do any type of riding really, local stuff, big mountain days, uplifts, full day xc jaunts, even did WHW in a day on it.

    Made me realise the HT was a bit of a luxury really

    All depends what you want to do though, not me.

    Premier Icon clubby
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    Wouldn’t do anything, sounds pretty sorted already to me. Money’s spent now and it’ll only cost more to downsize to one bike.

    Premier Icon woody71
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    Question on my mind is whether the top fuel just isn’t getting the use and could cash in now as value is just decreasing and if I go to one bike then I could get a new one


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    I went from two to one a few years back and struggled to decide which way to go. Ended up keeping the 29″ FS and selling the 27.5″ HT. Never regretted it.

    Premier Icon thols2
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    I would keep them both (actually, I would buy a longer travel FS as well).

    Premier Icon ogri
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    Sell the hardtail and put the money towards a set of the lightest,fastest rolling wheels and tyres you can afford.Fit the wheels with discs and cassette then use the appropriate wheels for terrain/conditions.
    If your bike has light wheels at present and you have no intention of riding rough trails with a heavier set then my opinion is shite and should be disregarded.

    Premier Icon tall_martin
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    I’d be pretty happy using a bike once a month!

    I’d keep both and keep riding them both.

    If you want a new bike, I’d get rid of the one you like least and buy a shiny one.

    Xc bikes don’t look to have changed a huge heap in 4 years. Would a new one be more fun? If so go for it🙂

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