Gnarly bits at trail centres!!??

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  • Gnarly bits at trail centres!!??
  • I don’t really frequent trail centres just yet, are there gnarly bits, or is it all as manucured as a lawn, please enlighten me with your own particular favourite pieces of trail, people mention Kiroughtree and Laggan are these the dogs bollocks.


    Cli-machx. last descent is the nuts.


    They are all like lawn, don’t bother.


    Cli-machx is actually a pretty dull way to loose altitude IMHO.

    Is this thread a wind up ? 😛

    Trail centres tend to have graded trails. Blue/green = no gnarl, red=some gnarl, black=plenty gnarl. If you’ve ever skied, you’ll understand it intuitively.


    From another thread….

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    Yeah agree about Dalbeatie rode their for the first time last summer, better than Ae or Mabie imho.

    Kielder Deadwater trail is worth a look, red/black options, some blue green trails suitable for kids, the 8 year old loves the skills loop.

    It’s a fair cop guv, but other than them i aint been! just wanting some mild amusenment, but seriously i would like to know.

    Loving those tags, lighten up you bunch of ****, i forgot mtb’ing is such a serious activity.

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    Why are you posting this?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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