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  • RhodriM

    I think cyclists should have insurance. I was hit by a bike once, I was just pulling out of a junction and he rode into the side of me. Then he expected me to pay!

    Premier Icon aracer

    Er, did you miss the bit where it says "Here are some of the comments we’ve had in already…"? (my italics)

    Kind of agree that it wouldn’t do any harm for cyclists to be trained, but it’s a poor direction in which to focus resources compared to improved driver training. Either that survey is a really dodgy x-section, or people were lying though, as I find it really hard to believe that 52% of cyclists haven’t ever taken a driving test…


    RohdriM: If I was driving along and you pulled out of a junction and I hit you I’d expect you to pay?

    Why is it any different when a cyclist was caught out by dodgy driving?


    if they force cyclists to have insurance, then they’d have to have some sort of proficiency certificate and a bicycle MOT too

    they may as well start calling for pedestrians to have to sit (?) a walking exam and prove that they are physically able to cross the road

    then they could start asking pigeons to respect minimum flying heights and designated flight paths so as to not be hit by cars

    someone needs to get evilzone on the GMTV webshite


    Sorry Gary, I was taking the p a bit. It wouldn’t surprise me if quite a few people had that attitude though.


    hehe, your humour was obviously too dry for me 🙂

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    Does the 3rd party insurance via CTC cover for such incidents? I thought that was the reason why we took it out incase we had an accident involving a third party and had to pay.

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    coffeeking – Member

    The only two near-over-the-bonnet incidents I’ve had have been with female drivers
    Posted 2 hours ago #

    is that the same as a table ender?


    Of course LV want you to have bike insurance ,It would be them that that would be selling it


    I thought a comment was required, doubt it’l be shared with the public but never mind…

    In a time when our country is crippled by ill health, obesity and the entire world is fearing the consequences of pollution (I’m sure your show has knee-jerked in the past to sensationalise these issues), do you not feel a little bit stupid arguing such an idiotic case and the need to invent useless statistics?

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    It’s GMTV, therefore the only people who see it will be students and the long-term unemployed.


    it’s the tv / media equivalent of trolling, certain to get attention. it’s easier to knock riders than drivers so they go ahead and do it.

    ignore it, it’s just the same old one sided shite that’s only believed by halfwits and there’s nothing the car lobby groups or anyone else can do to prevent bikes replacing cars more and more as the years go by.

    it’s our future, not theirs.

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    Yes it’s trolling but much more of this and it won’t just be the halfwits that believe it. Most people don’t see cyclists 6 inches from their nearside front wing but they’ll remember every one they ever see jump a light, seeing similar stuff reported in mainstream media (it’s on the telly/radio/paper so it must be true) soon enough it’s common knowledge all cyclists are inconsiderate, evil, arrogant gits.

    Oh and a bike test? OK, I did one years ago at school but I’ll take a refresher, and one every 5 or 10 years if you want as long as you do the same for car drivers too.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I did my cycling proficiency when I was 10. Based on how drivers are treated, I’ll need an eye test* in 2030.

    *Reading a registration plate at 20 metres, or whatever it is. Scarily, at the motorshow, something like 1 in 4 drivers tested failed this test.

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