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  • Glucosamine for knee pain ?
  • t_i_m

    Ibuprofen gel definately works on the correct symptoms. I used it to keep ankle swelling down while marathon running. VERY effective. Gel is better than tablets if you only need the ibuprofen for a specific body part.
    That said, I’m not sure that ibuprofen is suitable for cartilage damage (although I’m no doctor!)

    Now on Glucosamine and cod liver oil to sort out knees from running. Seems to work although it’s harder to be sure of effects. Def works for father in law’s back.

    My Father is convinced the Glocosamine does very little for him, but MSM is the stuff that works wonders on his knees.

    He is 79, and two years ago he could scarcely walk about. Having experimented with both, he is happy on the MSM now, and taking 5 mile walks these days.


    I suffered from knee pain for years after completely overdoing it in my early thirties. After that I was limited to 20 miles max. Over the last year I’ve been riding more than ever and I’ve been trying Glocosamine at the same time and I have to say that the knee pain is a thing of the past. Anecdotal of course, but my knee is noticeably better.


    When I bend my knee it makes a horrible crunchy sound, would that be cartlidge damage?

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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