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  • Weasel

    Are they any good or worth buying?

    I’ve seen various ones for sale – silk/thermal/sealskinz etc so just wondered what the view on them was.



    I use the sealskinz ones in winter and they work well.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    We used Decathlon ones last winter – only about a fiver, good for -28 when we went to Lapland (with a decent pair of gloves over, obviously!)


    +1 to the decathlon liners.

    what section in decathlon?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I use the Declathon running ones for err…running. Spot on for what they cost.

    For riding?

    If so, I would posit that many glove liners have seams in the wrong places for riding. Why the need for liners, anyway? Riding somewhere really cold?


    I like the Gore Bike Wear undergloves. They are made of polyester, and rather thin, so easily fit inside most gloves. They do make a noticeable difference to warmth.


    Personally I use silk gloves, but thats on my motorbike. Haven’t felt the need for them on the bicycle. TK Maxx has some good ski gloves that could double up as mtb gloves


    liners mean i can wear my summer gloves in winter, which is great as winter gloves are usually waterproof and therefore sweaty.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Glove liners are essential for me in the depths of winter, they make a huge difference in warmth IME (although more so on the road than MTB). I did have silk ones but they got trashed in the wash by some velcro on shorts in the same load :p Switched to icebreaker merino ones and they’re great (although pricey). I have Spesh sub-zero’s to which come with their own liner but they’re a bit bulky used together, the merino liner + Endura Deluge or Sealskinz tech glove work best for me.

    Last winter (remember the -15 degrees Celsius?) I was riding with sealskinz liners and their winter outers.

    Didn’t have a lot of feel through the handlebars, but at least my hands were warm enough to move:)

    My main problem was my feet. I couldn’t fit enough layers on under my boots to keep them warm! I still remember the chillblains – youch!!

    decathlon ones for me too

    my fingers really suffer in the cold so generally wear full winter gloves and liners from about 5 degrees and below. So it doesnt need to be particularly cold to get the benefit.

    I bought a pair of Aldi’s winter cycling gloves. Far too warm at the moment – hands were like toast yesterday and had to take the gloves off and swap for summer, fingerless pair. Bargain at <£5!!


    Any merino glove liner works for me. I consider -10 really cold.


    I use the Gore liner gloves. They are very comfortable and fit well.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I found that the PowerDry fabric makes really, really good inner gloves. I used thincker ones, including Merino, for a few years. BUT Powerdry really does dry up so quickly, for inner / winter gloves when walking/riding/climbing they are ace. I use the Montane ones now, and have 4 pairs for proper wet and cold days in the hill.
    As said above, in properly cold conditions they make a massive difference – I wear them on their own, or under big Montane winter gloves or even under a huuge old pair of mitts as well.

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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