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  • Glossop – good for a weekend?
  • karnali

    Mix of road biking walking nice meal and possibly a trip to Manchester??

    Premier Icon tomd

    I’m an occasional visitor – got family there. It’s nice enough but not somewhere I’d visit if I didn’t have to.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    It’s one end of Snake Pass, plenty of off road routes nearby, train into Manchester.

    I like the place, reckon i could live there quite happily and a couple of forumites do, just not sure I’d go and stay there.


    Don’t do it.

    Premier Icon binners

    I know this gets posted up in reference to a lot of places, but seriously in this case….


    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I think there are nicer places to base yourself than Glossop if you’re looking for road riding, walking and easy access to Manchester. Although it has many strengths – and location is one of them – it’s not a quaint or pretty tourist town.

    One thing I will point out is that Glossop is surrounded by some pretty big hills that aren’t all traversed by roads. You can get a great road ride in with some big climbs and stunning views, but much of it is likely to be on A roads.

    There’s potential to have a great weekend if what if offers fits what you’re after, but your requirements are a bit vague to give you the full seal of approval.

    in answer to your OP, possibly 🙂

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    Avoid glossop if at all possible.

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