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  • Matt-P

    I'm passing Glentress (well, with a minor diversion :wink:) on Sunday while bringing my mum back down from Scotland – it seems too good an opportunity to miss a ride but is there anything to keep a moderately mobile 65 year old happy for a couple of hours? I can't find any mention of forest walking trails so is it going to be the car and the papers? Any advice gratefully received.

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    Not much else to do that I can think of but maybe she'd be interested in having a wander round Peebles and a coffee. Seems to be what any number of other moderately mobile 65 year olds do.


    There are marked walking tales at Glentress too. Alternatively, as mentioned, I have sent my other half off into Glentress for shopping and coffee before.


    Peebles High St has a few nice wee shops which should be open on Sunday (Xmas shopping and all that) plus a nice café or two.

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    There are miles of walking trails there too Matt, if you drove up to the Buzzards nest, after picking up a map from the Hub shop / downloading from 7Stanes ( site, you'd have better access to the upper areas / better views. + she could watch some rad dudes gnarling it up in the free-ride park… Have a look at these pages –
    Linky 1
    Linky 2


    Park in the red squirrel. There are nice short (~2 miles) walks from there that go around the ponds.
    Or in Buzzards nest, a walk that goes down past the green route always seems popular too.


    sit her in the cafe to get wired on coffee 🙂


    Hire a full-sus for her and set her loose on the black route 🙂

    I take my 2YO son there for a walk quite often – there are a few easy walks about the place.


    Thanks for all the suggestions, I reckon Peebles for a bit of Xmas shopping and we pick her up on the way back through. I like the wired on coffee thought but a further 4 hours in the car back to Wales might bea bit painfull

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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