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  • jonba

    Never been to CyB but it is much better than Dalby.

    Red route is short in distance compared to Dalby but you have to climb a bit. nothing massively hard but it is harder than Dalby. More compact so if you grab a map you can ride round and repeat bits. Definitely more fun.

    There is a cafe but it was controversial. I don’t go in very often.


    We’ll be visiting friends nearby so we’ll bring our bikes along.
    How does it compare to Dalby or CyB? We normally do red runs and eat lots of chocolate & cake


    I love it. Far better than Dalby (my local) in my opinion.

    I could ride the blue down from the top car park and back up again all day long and not get bored !

    Premier Icon richmtb

    CyB and Glentress are pretty similar.

    I think the even both have a Go Ape!.

    Red route is fast and fun but not massively technical.

    Black route is long, rough and has a LOT of climbing but not massively technical either.

    If you do the Red routes at CYB you will get on fine at Glentress also make sure you have a go of the Blue route as well as its ace

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    It’s a great trail centre because there’s a lot of mileage, variation and trees. I guess the thing to do on a first visit would be to just ride the black or red or blue; the best routes are a mish-mash of all three, though, and it’s not hard to see how they can link up on a map.

    Some decent climbing – it’s on the side of a substantial hill. The black climb out to the radio mast say, which makes a good outward leg taking you to the highest point, would need a modicum of fitness to enjoy it.

    Mrs Toast

    The red and the blue are great fun (I’m too inept for the black) – I don’t mind Dalby, but Glentress has a much higher fun factor, imo.


    The black is actually quite easy from a technical perspective, just need good legs for a couple of the climbs (i’m not a massive fan of climbing, but actually really enjoy the big climbs on the black). I did it in the wet at the weekend and it was fine. the only slightly black tech sections are actually the lower ones where you could quite easily jump back onto the red anyway.

    Glentress Red/Blue is infinitely more exciting than dalby IMO


    Cheers guys that’s good news
    We’ll start on blue have some tea & cake, then slowly move on from there (after more cake)

    Ps I’m not a fan of Dalby red either, it’s some fun sections linked together by long teeth-chattering sections of boredom

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    Glentress is less rocky than CyB, I reckon, though as others have said the black has a pretty rough surface. The red and blue at Glentress are straightforward fun, lots of swoops, berms and jumps. The black is a bit more of a slow burner but I like it a lot too.

    The cafe will provide you with both chocolate and cake.

    Please don’t forget Inners too.

    As Garry said, mixing it up gives the greatest rewards but would need lots of knowledge to get the best….

    You will however enjoy it !

    I’d be tempted with Inners red then pop along for cake and coffee, then glentress blue, although you’re obliged to do spooky woods.


    We’re up there for a long weekend ago will try get out a few times


    Try to book an uplift at inners.. Yes all the big boys will be there with their “rigs” but it is an absolute blast of a day on an xc bike! Ten of us did it, such a good laugh, and great if you’ve had a day of big climbing prior. However I was knackered after an 8 hr day of just going downhill…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    If it’s this weekend, there’s an extra uplift on saturday which probably has spaces… And also on saturday we should be up digging somewhere so if you see a bunch of yellow vests say hi 😉

    But yeah. The blue is really good and well worth doing, the red is also excellent (and tweakable- take a look at the maps, you’ll see how everything interweaves so you can chop and change trails, frinstance at the top of Pie Run you have a choice of trails and you can go up the hill to do the Matrix etc (or the black options XX and the Bitch) then with just a small extra climb you get right back to where you started, and so you get both sets of trails almost for the price of one.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    wrightyson – Member
    Try to book an uplift at inners.. Yes all the big boys will be there with their “rigs” but it is an absolute blast of a day on an xc bike!

    Sounds like spooky wood on a Saturday Lunchtime 🙂

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