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  • Merak

    Id be thinking about stepping it up to be honest, Mibbes a bit late in the day. You should have been training like mad! If your fit youll make it. Good luck:)

    b r

    Lots of liquids, not just water.

    Good quality padded shorts 🙂

    Have a break at the end of every lap, eat something.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Not much point training, get some decent fuel mix for the ride, I.e. torq, high5 or anything similar, make sure you’re drinking to stop you cramping up and keep your energy levels.

    Bananas are your friend. Nothing quite like a banana after a long ride in circles.

    Treat it as a long ride on a pretty decent trail, not a race, and youll love it.

    Premier Icon whyter

    Plenty of climbing each lap, so try getting out a bit more during the week – can you ride to work, even on the road? Just getting out regularly helps. High 5 Zero tablets are great for staving off cramps. Try and take a helper too, both for encouragement, and to make up drinks/sort out food for you when you come back each lap.


    I’ll be in the event village, jumping to all Mrs Ivnickkate’s orders , but I will have time to give you a special cheer every time you complete a lap.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    I did it two years ago.

    Its a reasonably laid back race and a nice course. By the fifth hour there were plenty of people dragging themselves around (including me!)

    You’ll be fine just eat and take on plenty of fluids


    OP .
    Just take your time and don’t rush off like a loon (which is sometimes tempting).
    Find a pace you are comortable at ,and make sure you have all your refuel stuff set out at a handy place on the course.
    If there are a few of you doing it you can make up a wee base camp.
    Take a few gels/bars in case you start to flag near the end ,but don’t overload yourself ,the laps are not too long.
    It’s a good event ,enjoy.


    I am entered for the GT7 in three weeks time. 7 hours XC event. I have never been on the bike for that length of time before. I get out on the bike once or twice a week. Wondering if there is any extra training I should put in at this stage? Also any tips for the day itself would be welcome. I do tend to cramp up fairly easily. Not looking to do well, just complete the time without stopping too regularly.

    >I am entered for the GT7 in three weeks time. 7 hours XC event. I have never been on the bike for that length of time before.<

    Neither have 99.9% of the folk on this site – just do what richmtb suggests and you’ll be fine.

    With such a short period of time to go I’d probably just try and get out as much as possible but do some intervals when ur out, short sprints at 110%

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