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  • Glen Tilt Loop – Grids required
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    I’m up in Blair Atholl on holiday and I may have some free bike time to ride the Glen Tilt loop. I did it many years ago but an presently without guide book etc and was hoping STWers could pass on the main grids in order to allow me to complete the loop.

    I’m just after the main junctions/critical “corners” to allow me to remember the route.

    Assistance is much appreciated as this will be my first ride in many moons (relatively new Dad)

    Many thanks


    Ask over on

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    ^ you need a map with you, grid refs are useless without. And even a GPS should need a map as backup IMO.
    Head onto Streetmap or mapmyride and sort a route for yourself – they you get to choose where / how, and in my view then get a ‘mental map’ of what and where you are going.

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    I appreciate that I will need a map – hence I am asking for some grids. I am after some grids for the Kenny Wilson book route.

    Unfortunately, Internet access is intermittent hence my request for the rough grids. I don’t have any of the usual amenities that would make this a whole lot easier.

    I’ll check out trail Scotland


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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