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  • Glasses for children
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    I have been looking around for some protective glasses ideally with clear lenses for my 9 and 7 year old boys but have not come up with much. Can anyone suggest anything? Clearly they need to be cool but not too expensive!



    the recent What-MTB article mentions Raleigh’s Uvex Hawk glasses (small adult rather than child specific)but they ain’t cheap!
    Dunno are the ‘woman’ specific safety glasses? (as in smaller sized)

    Not exactly high fashion.. but show that “small” (Jr) versions are available:


    I got these for our lad, he needed to keep dust/mud/creatures out of his eyes when riding;

    They work and he loves them, especially the yellow.

    Premier Icon DaveP

    Mine use the triple lenses ones from Aldi/Lidl (can’t remember which now).

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