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  • Glasgow – Falkirk Canal towpath route
  • Mintman

    I did Glasgow to Edinburgh on the canal path last year. Loose stone/gravel type stuff most of the way with the occasional cobbled areas which weren’t pleasant.

    Road bike carried its speed we’ll but I ended up with a numb arse/wrists whereas my mate on his hybrid was a bit more comfortable but used more energy.

    Premier Icon stevie750

    Perfect for cx bike.

    Think it might be a bit too much for a road bike.

    If you decide to go on further and do the falkirk to edinburgh, the surface is worse.


    Yeh I thought a road bike wouldn’t be ideal. Think he wants to do there and back which will be around 70 miles.


    Thought to myself I have a photo of it….

    The way forward on Flickr

    Then realised that won’t help much.

    It’s hardpack gravel or hardpack soil most of the route.

    FWIW I have ridden it on a road bike but I cringe for my tyres and wouldn’t recommend it.


    I use it to commute from Denny to Glasgow on the CX bike. I’d not recommend trying it on a road bike the surface just isn’t suitable, especially if it’s been wet recently.

    Plenty of decent pubs along the way for rehydration, it ought to make a pleasant day out.



    Friend of mine wants to do this route at the end of May as a start to his getting back on the bike plan. I’ve said I’ll go along with him.

    Whats the surface of the path like? Is it your typical ash/loose stones combo? He wants to take his road bike but I think his mtb with semi slicks would be better. I’ll be on the cx bike.


    I have done it on a road bike, no problem really, did run 25c tyres with a bit of extra protection. It is a bit bumpy in places, these can either be tip toe-d across or more effectively, ridden fast, paris roubaix style! I did it on one of the worst days ever, rain wise, so was looking to get home FAST!

    Very boring route though, especially if you continue to Edinburgh, it ends up looking all the same. I think on a nice day with the sun on your back it could be quite nice, but anything but a lovely day it is pretty dullsville. Maybe a route that mixes up some canal path and some quite roads might make it more enjoyable?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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