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  • Glasgow boys – pub near SECC needed for tomorrow please!
  • Haribo

    you do know what game is on tomorrow afternoon dont you?

    nothing near SECC, get back into town on sauchiehall street and you will find something.

    Errrr, no actually – I'm exiled in England these days and never bothered much with the beautiful game anyway…. Should I be expecting running battles and streets of blood?

    horse shoe bar

    Rangers v Celtic at Ibrox (very close to Glasgow centre) at 12.30


    If you walk up Finnieston Street to Argyle St, there's the Ben Nevis, Gazelle, and Firebird all of which are pretty decent.


    I'm going to that gig too. Ben Nevis was recommended on another thread and looks pretty decent.

    Cheers for all that info – off to check out the Ben Nevis. Might see you there Grumm 🙂

    Looking for a couthie pub within walking distance of the SECC for post Pixies drinks tomorrow. It's our first anniversary so not looking for a bangin' club, but not anywhere too quiet either. Would be good if it stayed open late on a sunday too.

    Thanks for the collective brain pick!


    Here's the original thread I made about it, with some recommendations for food etc as well

    Might see you for a dram in the Ben Nevis anyway!


    Well, if it's post Pixies, I think you'll be well past the danger zone for after-match-aggro, particularly on that short stretch of Argyle Street.

    This happens to be my manor, and can add a vote for the Ben Nevis. In fact, you're spoiled for choice round this way.
    Just beyond (or on the way to Ben Nevis, depending on which pedestrian route you choose), is a bar called the 78, which should, if it's a chilly eve, have a real fire going. One of these goes really well with a pint of their cask ale.

    Across from Ben Nevis is the Ivy, which'll have a younger crowd, and no doubt a fair few fellow gig-goers if you wanna squeeze the most atmosphere out of the night.

    If you want something of a pleasant surprise, try The Rogue on Old Dumbarton Rd. I've taken a few out-of-towners there, and they have really enjoyed it. You'll have to walk a block up towards the BP garage, passing the Goat and Firebird on the way, but it's got a good, friendly atmosphere, and an eclectic playlist and open to negotiation on what's played.

    Owner comes from Halifax, the home of the Mighty Orange Bikes.

    Enjoy the gig. Let us know what you thought of whrever you get to.



    Best stay in towm get the low level train from the cenrtral or a cab be about a fiver … P.S Comn e Hoops !!


    If your looking for a nice pub West end is good. Which is a tube ride away from the centre. If you want to die or are a student then sauchiehall street is where you want. If you are looking for somewhere classier and more formal the royal exchange is good. Social animal are always nice but more pricy. Horse shoe is full of old men and funny singers.

    I've never been to Ben Nevis but at all costs avoid Yates and the classrooms. Just wonder around, there isn't any trouble and people will point you to decent places. Also avoid the bottom of Salt Market road, that is very dodgy.

    what mike t23 said.


    Try Lebowkis or Gazelle just up the road on Argyle Street. Very close to SECC and both very nice boozers with great atmosphere in my experience.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    The trouble with Glasgow is you don't really get pubs open beyond 12am. If you want to stay out later than that you typically have to go to a club. (at least not many that I know of – feel free to recommend me one!?)

    There are some places that hover the line between bar and club but they still feature the same crap drinks and music that's too loud to talk over. I want somewhere that sells good beer, isn't so noisy that you can't hear the person 6 inches away, isn't so busy that it takes 10 minutes to get served… and a comfy seat would be a real bonus!

    I wouldn't be surprised if many of those at Finnieston close at 11 since it's a Sunday. I know Byres Rd shuts up at midnight on weekdays – unless you go into Ashton Lane.


    Heading for Lebowskis now. Should be a great gig!


    Salt market is so dodgy you will probably end up riding my bike. These nice gentlemen from the Empire bar bought me a pint.
    No one in the West end would do that!

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