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  • Glasgow airport option
  • Premier Icon juan
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    Hello there long time no speak. Coming back to the great kingdom for a few days in Glasgow for a contest.

    I would like to use this trip to restock on fantasy books. Long story short, I will have to buy them books at the airport.

    Is there a good’ish’ book shop I .the airport or am I screwed.

    Much ta in advance.


    Premier Icon mikewsmith
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    Well that is your choices there!!

    Though which airport Glasgow or Prestwick?

    When I was up there it was a sensible taxi ride from the city so shopping in the city then taxi out would be a much better option or you know does ship worldwide

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Aye, WHSmith and all it’s Grisham type shite is about the only option.

    Taxi into city centre, huge waterstones on sauchiehall street (about the only reason ever to go to that particular street)

    Premier Icon CraigW
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    Or for fantasy books, try Forbidden Planet on Buchanan Street.

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    No wonder he left a day early, rveryeve hates him!

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