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  • kudos100

    Yeah I thought it was amusing, but then again I have a childish sense of humor.


    Good find CFH


    A joint populated by portly mid game crisis sufferers wit delusionz of gradeur, whoz ass be thinkin dat ridin round on a high-rollin’ push bike somehow make up fo’ they dull thang up in engineerin or IT.

    Various cliques can be found on dis joint. Da most amusin bein tha ones whoz ass pretend ta like suttin’ purely so they can be on first name terms wit a washed up ex bike journalist come budget bike company balla or some muppet whoz ass draws picturez of sheep n’ wafflez on up in a pretentious manner n’ shit. Da actual condiment is mo’ entertaining.
    “I’m a overwieght, stuffy, pompous engineer wit a lack of personalitizzle is there anywhere I can git all up in have petty arguements wit playas just like me son?”
    “Of course there is, try singletrackworld”


    An online home fo’ middle aged, middle/upper class, predominantly Gangsta xc jey pimp mincers whose scam of mountain bikin consistz of grindin round tha ghetto side up in brightly coloured lycra on titanium singlespeed rigid ego chariots.

    Da typical singtrackworld member can probably be spotted up in trail centre carparks standin beside they Audi, loudly boastin bout tha three foot drop they “nailed” wit ease props ta they freshly smoked up £5000 6inch all mountain bike, or how tha **** they “smoked some downhillers” whilst ridin they rigid on-one bustin a funky-ass blindfold on tha black route.

    Inwardly tha average singletrackmember would ludd ta posses mo’ game than tha mobilitizzle ta negotiate a technical climb, up in realitizzle dis means acquirin actual bike handlin game. To cover up they utter lack of mobilitizzle on a funky-ass bike they pour scorn on any steez ridin which isnt utterly boring.
    “Yo john, where did you git dat fancy freshly smoked up bike?” “Its straight-up not freshly smoked up at all, I looted it off some **** wit mo’ scrilla than sense on singletrackworld. Y’all KNOW dat shit, mutha****a! Dude clearly couldnt ride fo’ toffee, just like tha rest of dem asshats”

    Seems wise.


    I think that yes, in some ways it’s pretty bloomin’ marvelous

    What does the singletrackworld contingent say..?


    CaptainFlashheart – Which website did you use to do this please – made me chuckle

    Funnier, IMHO, but very, very naughty language.

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