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  • Giving up an office job to become a teacher – anyone done it?
  • ajantom

    Ha, those Armstrong and Miller sketches remind of some of my colleagues 😆 and me a bit

    It’s bloody hard work, and yes the paperwork is shite. Having worked as an office/database drone for a few years before doing my PGCE, teaching is a million times better than sitting on your arse, trying to look like you’re working and slowly dying of boredom due to the dullards surrounding you.
    Teenagers may be idiots at times, but they’re always interesting! You’ll be kept on your toes, never a dull moment, and each day of work is full to the brim. Teachers love to moan, but those who do stay in the job love it and love the difference they make. You need those holidays – come Christmas, Easter and the summer you spend the first few days in a daze, not quite sure what’s going on and how you came to be in bed at such a nice hour.


    If you like planning, marking, moaning colleagues and indifferent children then go for it. It is very hard work but can be rewarding. The holidays are good, but are often needed for you to survive mentally.
    Ps I taught DT for 2 years. I now work as a technician at a large university with quite a few former teachers.

    I worked in Uni research before training as a teacher 8 years or so ago. I love it, mostly. .

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    Mrs M was a teacher for 13 years before leaving due to stress caused by massively unrealistic planning and assessment workload (week in week out 60+ hours), unobtainable OFSTED targets, zero management backup and bolshie parents who though the sun shone out of their badly brought up children.

    I’m glad she left (even with the massive pay cut too household income) as I now have my wife back.


    I work with a load of ex-teachers, they all jumped ship about five years back.
    I’ve also taught in a private school – it was a boarding school but I didn’t live on site – they have you by the nuts if you live onsite, there is no downtime.
    Teaching should be simple but bad parenting, political interfering have messed it up in the UK.


    I am a governor at my daughters primary school. It is a lovely school but the framework the teachers work in is insane, you have to love teaching the kids to get through the day. This is a real shame as it is clearly a very important job and we need to attract good people but good people are not attracted to crap working conditions.

    I know a couple of teachers who are looking to become teaching assistants to get away from the paperwork and stress.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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