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  • Gives you the willies!!!
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    Thanks for the stories, glad I’m not alone and maybe I’m not as big a wus as I thought. 👍 😀

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    @krixmeister – have you ever camped in Palo Duro Canyon? Turkeys. Turkeys running about in gangs. Very strange sight.


    When night riding off road I used to listen to music..
    It’s odd as when I had the music on, it made things spookier.
    When you cant hear things it makes it worse as you then try harder to hear sounds between the beats/instruments/tracks etc.
    I dont do it anymore as it freaked me out.

    The story about the Bothy is feaky as ****!

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    I had a man wave at me with his angry willie once.
    I didn’t know where to look & politely declined his “offer”.


    It’s not the scarytoothyhairies that bother me, it’s people. I say people, guys. not necessarily aroused, it’s more their hatchets and axes that concern me.

    (With male death by homicide rates as high as 20% in the tribal and hunter gatherer societies humans spent most time evolving in- see Jared Diamond, jared Leto, jarred/jehosophat whoever out of the sex on fire bros or tha wikki, that’s enough references- the most dangerous thing you could possibly meet out in the woods would be strange men, so no surprise we’re programmed to worry about this, I recon.)

    …and I’m also conscious of how high viz I must be with bright lights and kit with reflective bits. I mean you wouldn’t even need night vision goggles, I’m a very obvious target.

    I don’t let any of that stop me mind you, and do night rides over the moors (which I know really really well) on my own if no one’s up for it, and have dodged the hatchets so far.

    But I moved away rather quickly one time when late evening cautiously skirting the edge of an old and somewhat isolated quarry on the moor in total black and drizzly conditions, I stopped and for some reason shone my light into the middle of it, and about 30m away were three big guys, backs to me. One turned round…

    I’ve no idea what happened next. It’s a shame the path away from there isn’t a strava segment…

    I’ve no idea what happened next.

    Mansubstantiation? Bless. One soggy biscuit between them…


    I get it a fair bit, but oddly enough a recent solo bivvy with temperature inversion that I dropped into then climbed out of in the dark was fine. Good job really.

    It was worse in the days when I just ran bar lights.

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