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  • Premier Icon Mark

    CFH.. You mean the text ad bought and paid for by an advertiser

    I find myself sort of agreeing with Ernie and a few others over this.

    There are enough serious issues to nail Gordon Brown to the wall over without having to resort to this kind of gutter sniping.

    I detest the fellow as I think he has, as both Chancellor of the Exchequer and PM, been a disaster for this country. But with the hounding from 'The Sun' and other elements of the press over this, a complete non-story, I find myself actually feeling sorry for him.

    As for Mrs Janes, well she has no doubt been through a whirlwind of emotions that very few of us will be able to draw comparisons to and is it seems looking for someone to blame. This is hardly unexpected and considering the poor support the government of this country is giving to British forces (though its nothing new, governments through the years have treated the military poorly) who are engaged in a war in some far, foreign field, targeting GB as both the man who previously held the purse strings and now the man at the top with whom the buck stops is logical. The manner in which she (they) launched their attack is not though.

    GB has a visual disability which causes poor handwriting, but as has become the trend for PMs of the UK, he writes personally to the relatives of service personnel killed on operations overseas. At least the letters are definitely of his hand rather than some bland typed letter kicked out from the typing pool then plonked under GB's nose for a signature.

    In that case, Mark, I despair of the quality of your advertisers! 🙂

    Correction to my last post – Rebekah Wade was replaced as Sun editor by Dominic Mohan on 2 September.

    Which possibly explains quite a lot………. I reckon the new boy might be in for a fair bollocking from Rupert, for having done more damage to the Sun's reputation, than to Gordon Brown's reputation.

    So given that 25% of any given market is deemed to be a monopoly and anti competitive, how much of a monopoly does News International actually have ?

    Seems to me that this whole morass is more to do with Murdoch protecting his empire rather than anything else. Successive governments have failed to act to protect press and TV independance in this country, and presumably recruiting one side or t'other in the run up to a General Election is what this is all about.

    As of now my number one question for any canvasser is what do you propose to do about the independance of the press in this country.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    could be worse could be italy

    the only interesting thing about the whole of new international and the times is their daily berlusconi bashing as murdochs so bitter someone else has the monopoly in italy

    i stopped buying the times a long time ago, would never buy the sun and never pay for sky

    how else can i snub murdoch?

    Ha Ha Ha ……. the Sun newspaper got Jacqui Janes name WRONG 😀

    …… it referred to her on it's website as Jacqui Jones !

    I wonder if they will be issuing an apoligy ?

    I wonder if they will be issuing an apoligy ?

    Not sure, but they might issue an apology! 😉

    Well since you've spotted it Captain, I won't edit it 😀

    Mistakes are easily made – aye ?

    (I don't think GB misspelt her name btw – just that his 'n' could be mistaken for an 'm')

    The second this news story came out, I sensed that it was little to do with the mother and all to do with The Sun vs Gordon Brown/New/Old Labour. I can't believe it's taken a few days for some others (not necessarily STW, just the population in general) to come to the same conclusion. It seems it's beginning to backfire on The Sun just a tad – no doubt, the BBC realises that it's best to just hang on the negative side – seeing as The Sun's owner wants to smash the BBC to smithereens. I notice the uncle of the dead soldier was on the BBC today saying that he questioned the mother's judgement.

    You know, if The Sun was run and written by the same people at who it's aimed, that would almost be fair enough. However, you only have to listen to some of the journos that have been wheeled out in the last few days to give radio interviews and ex-Sun employees who have done the same to realise that they'd be equally at home writing for newspapers that credit their readership with a modicum of intelligence. This, to me, has always been the slightly sinister thing about the red tops.

    It's probably best not to castigate anybody for trying to do the right thing even if they are not so careful in the way that they do it. The Sun is learning this lesson this week. As more of an "old" labour type than a "new", I feel far more comfortable that The Sun is back supporting the party that made me hate it in the first place (amongst other things).


    Left leg or right leg?

    I feel sorry for Gordo trying to do the right thing as well.

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