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  • Gisburn forest
  • Is it worth a 3hour drive each way

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I reckon so. Perhaps not at this time of year though, it will be VERY wet. Not boggy, as it’s pretty well armoured, just doesn’t drain very well.

    Where are you coming from?

    Yep it’s always proper wet when I’ve been, enjoyable place though

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Depends a bit on if you’re going to drive 3hrs, get there and ride then drive straight home again or if you’re staying up in the area for a bit?

    Personally, if it’s the first option then no. Although that said, I’d draw the line at any more than about 2hrs each way for a day trip.

    A lap will be a couple of hours at most and other than some playing around on the Hope Line, there’s not a lot else there. It will be VERY wet. Not really boggy cos it’s quite rocky and well armoured trail but big gritty puddles!

    Where are you coming from?

    And what are you driving past to get to it?

    Don’t think I’d drive for six hours, spend up to 50 quid on fuel, to ride for two hours in current conditions. Although most of it is armoured, highlights like Hully Gully will be in horrible condition.

    Coming from coventry . Didnt realise it was only 2hrs to get round it .might have to make it a weekender.

    You can be in the south Lakes in the same sort of timescale. Or pretty much any of the Welsh trail centres.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Coming from coventry .

    Probably take you less time to get to CyB or Llandegla. CyB certainly has far more riding options than Gisburn.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Is it worth a 3hour drive each way

    Absolutely not.

    It’s good for what it is – but six hours of driving would be mad.

    I take just over an hour to get there and do two laps (and a bit of play on the enduro bits) to make it worth the journey.

    As suggested, do Lakes and visit Gisburn on the way or way back to see what you think.


    My mum is only 20 mins away so I visit when I’m visiting my mum but there is nothing special worth a 6 hr drive over it’s always nice to see a new place.
    As chapaking say’s though it’s a good stop coming back from the lakes … or even borders


    Or vist Calderdale and explore Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge, the Calderdale valley must have the best concentration of fascinating post-industrial trails in Britain; the variety is simply incredible and far more interesting than just plodding around a man-made circuit like a hamster in a wheel. But you’ll need a map.

    Premier Icon benp1

    I went there with the family. Wife and 2 kids had a wonder, me and son went round the blue

    I’m sure the red is much better, but I can’t imagine any trail centre being worth a 6 hour drive. Maybe thats a personal preference coming out of going for a normal ride in the countryside/hills/mountains. 6 hours more that I’d do for a day trip, there’s more driving than actual activity time. Day trip is more like 4-5 hours, anything more and I’d want to overnight

    Premier Icon timbog160

    I love Gisburn but I would say it is not worth it in isolation, but would be if you combined it with something else, maybe Gisburn one day, followed by a walk up Ingleborough the next.

    As above, it is generally pretty reliable in the wet.

    Spent my first 20 or so years in Cov. This was pre MTB but was into climbing and found it something of a desert for decent climbing spots. Would imagine its not much better for MTB!


    No, I’m not knocking the place, it’s a decent xc route with some fun sections in-between but not for a 3 hour drive there and back home again, hell no, far better destinations for that mileage/drive time.

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