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  • Gisburn blue Vs whinlatter blue
  • lakesrider
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    How hilly is the gisburn blue route, is it easier or harder than the whinlatter blue? Just wondering which one to take my kids to!

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    Gisburn is less hilly / strenuous.

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    Thanks! Gisburn it is then ūüôā

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    Yeah, agree with the above.

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    Counter-argument: The biggest fire road climb on the Whinlatter Blue can be left off, to make a shorter circuit. The shorter loop is signposted.

    If they’re really tiny, you can just loop the first couple of descents down to the bottom fire road a couple of times and bail when they’ve had enough.

    The loop itself is in far better nick in terms of puddles etc than Gisburn. Views are better, plus there are some other activities/walking trails which might be more exciting.

    Parking is more expensive, though!

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    Gisburn is wrecked now, too many puddles of unknown depth.
    The blue is straight forward, and good for kids.
    Ours went round the blue the last time I went when I done the red with a mate.

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    How bad is Gisburn at the moment then as I was hoping to have my first ride there this week ?

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    Took my 10 year old on Tuesday round the bottom red loop of the 8 trail. He said ‚Äėis there anything fun here?‚Äô. I‚Äôm rather inclined to agree. The puddles are deep ‚Äď rideable on an adult bike, but they‚Äôre of the slow you down variety rather than a splash delightedly through. If you enjoy the climb (where the red leaves the blue after the road section on the bottom of the 8) then you‚Äôre either a masochist or on an e-bike. It would make a fun descent ‚Äď as a climb it‚Äôs just a washed out pile of rocks and roots. The swoopy section down to Cocklet Hill carpark has been resurfaced and is fun. I rather wished we‚Äôd just lapped that. The bottom of the Hope line was also rather spoiled by large puddles between the tabletops. IMO it‚Äôs basically rubbish for kids ‚Äď too much of a long loop to commit to rather than short cut options and fun stuff. Can‚Äôt say I rate it much for adults either. Am I grumpy? Yes.

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    The climb was great when first built, interesting enough to distract from going up hill but still ridable. It’s been ruined by the sheer amount of traffic and noticeable power bumps (similar to braking bumps) caused by ebikes.

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    We went to Gisburn last week for the first time in a couple of years. I had forgotten how much water it holds. Some of the sections are trashed and not fun to ride.

    As others have said Whinlatter would be the best option. Loads of short cut options and fun sections on the blue to repeat. It doesn’t hold water in the same way as Gisburn.

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    The first half climb and last descent of the Whinlatter south red are also eminently suitable for most kids- mine finds the climb easier than some of the blue climbs.

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