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  • Giro Xar – hot or not?
  • RDL-82

    Wouldn’t say I find mine particularly hot, certainly better than the Giro Hex ot replaced.


    Thanks but I wouldn’t have said that a Hex is particularly well vented.


    find mine ok, even in the hot weather, plus i have really thick hair, plus its pretty light for a trail style lid. Thing for me is fit; fits a treat on my head.


    Tbh i didn’t find the Hex hot either, it just didn’t fit very well after breaking it!


    I don’t find any helmet hot or cold particularly now I’ve got hair again.

    I’ve got a Met Sine Thesis for the Road and a Giro Feature for off road and they’re both sweaty if it’s hot. Infact, the only time I notice any airflow at all is when it’s cold.


    I’m considering getting a Giro Xar but some reviews mention that it’s a bit hot in comparison to ‘racier’ helmets like the Bell Volt I currently have.

    Anyone found that?


    I had a Gyro E2 before my XAR and it seems to be cooler.
    Who knows though, I sweat like a bastard anyway!
    I thing I’ve noticed is the sweat seems to drip off the outer rim of the helmet, rather than the inner rim, thus it tends not to drip into my glasses / eyes.
    Plus I got jammy and got mine a year ago from Wiggle new for just £24! They’re currently £90. Someone made a boo boo as they were back up to full price the next week or so.


    Something I can comment on.
    I live in cyprus at the moment it’s 36* and 70% humidity. I tend to go out at 6ish at the moment.
    My best helmet is a xar, I got it because it looked well vented and light. Yes it is not too bad considering how hot it is. I was pleased any way but I had nothing to compare it too.
    2 weeks ago I picked up a speclizied Air Force (€3 in a boot sale) it was cooler than the xar, not miles but cooler.

    Btw I’m also folicly challenged.

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    I was in the Kings Cross branch of Cycle Surgery this week and noticed they have Xar helmets at 40% off, so just under £60 – no idea how wide this promotion is, but might be worth checking it out if you’re looking to buy one.


    Had a Xar for the past 18 months and just recently spent a week cycling in Spain where the temps were high 20’s to mid 30’s. Wasn’t to bad but I found wearing a thin buff underneath helped.

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