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  • Giro Xaaaaaaar – AAARGH! Borked. Again.
  • z1ppy

    same perfect Giro fit

    Nope, not for me, a very long in the tooth Xen user… now if only Bell would pull there ***** finger out and actually get the “Super” over here

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    tried on a xar – bloody uncomfy and not very “giro-fit” IMO

    Works well for me – didn’t have a Xen but Giro helmets before that.

    I’ve broken one of those bits on the Xar but it’s going to be a problem with any Giro helmets that use the newest Roc Loc system. A helmet pod might help – I reckon I broke mine not in use but by putting stuff on top of it.

    Anyone else had problems with a Giro Xaaaar? Lovely helmet overall, same perfect Giro fit, looks great, vents well and all that shizzle, but….

    Have now gone through three Roc-Loc units as one part of it keeps on failing. There’s two parts to the RL, one grey bit with the dial in it, and two black “plates” which attach up to the middle/rear of the helmet and act as the cradle around the back of your bonce.

    The bit where the grey bit and black bit meet is a rather weedy little connection, and it just keeps on breaking. Is it just me? Or has anyone else had this?


    Yep – same problem with mine ! Only had for approx 8 months so returned for assessment and hopefully replacement under warranty.

    Seems very flimsy to me…….

    Premier Icon kimbers

    happened with my Hex too, its obviously poorly designed, ive had it replaced once, but when it broke again ive not bothered as it seems to still work ok


    No probs here(watch it snap now on the next outing) but I do agree its a bit weedy. Gaffer tape it up?

    Premier Icon ndg

    Mine’s broken to, most likely from being carried on the plane and bouncing against my carry on.

    I’m planning on reattaching it with a hot glue gun…..


    Exactly the same with mine, straight back on warranty.


    Yup. RocLoc broke. Couldn’t find the receipt so stumped up a tender for the replacement.

    Used a Xen for years, so bought a Xar when they first came out, but sadly the sizing was different, so didn’t fit my wide moon bonce 🙁

    They do look good tho……


    Yep mine broke, took apart, glued the grey bit back on and, touch wood, it’s been fine since.


    Yep, the one on my Hex broke. I wouldn’t mind as much that it broke in less than a year except for the fact they don’t do coloured spares to match my helmet.

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