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  • Rickos

    Medium goes to 59cm and Large goes from 59cm. Just measured my head and it’s 59cm…

    So, does the medium size up large or is the large quite small? If you get my meaning.



    I found them to come up a bit big So I ended up with a medium after I had the same problem as u


    I’m a 59 also and use a medium , but I sometimes wonder if a large would have been a bit more comfortable .
    It depends on the shape of your head really , try some on if possible .

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    i found them massive, not like a medium hex like i usually wear, medium feature felt like a bucket

    similar colours too

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    Seemed the opposite to me. My Hex small had more “spare” adjustment then the Feature. Had to fiddle with the height adjuster thingy inside as well due to the temple protection bit snagging my riding glasses. Got there in the end and now a happy bunny.


    Thanks for replies – looks like maybe a medium.

    My current large Urge Enduromatic is a snug but comfy fit, but probably the most comfy helmet I’ve had. Anyone used both and can give me an idea on shape of head type of fit too?


    I found my quite big as well


    Have got 3 Features 2x L and a medium. The tape measure says my head is 61-62 cm but the medium Feature still fits. The chinstrap join is right under my ears and cradle is on one of the lower settings but the adjuster is not maxed out and the shell itself is quite a good fit. The size Ls fit easily there is room to spare on the cradle and the straps and in colder weather i can wear a buff with them whereas the medium would be too snug.

    In comparison with an Enduromatic the Feature is defnitely more oval shaped. If I try a L Enduromatic with the thinnest pads it only touches my head at the front and back


    59 head for me and I bought a large. Wish I didn’t. Had it months now and it’s adjusted as small as possible. Tried on a medium this morning and it’s a way better fit.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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