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  • teacake

    My girlfriend has tried many, but so far [2 years] with no success. The saddle which has been best [though still very uncomfortable] was the Spesh Jett. We do a lot of long [6hrs+] road riding so this is very important.

    So which saddles work for you?


    My missius really likes har Charge Ladle, but she seems to get on with most saddles she’s tried. She never complains about any of them, but did say the Ladle was the best she’s had….

    I know myself having done a fair bit of long distance riding that saddles get comfier the more you stand up. You need to give your bum a rest, really you do! Stand up for climbs more?


    I have cheap women’s specific WTB saddle but I also have an expensive Selle Italia one and both I find are excellent for longer rides.

    Most saddles now have a 14 day guarantee money back if yu don’t like it so I would suggest getting some and just trying them. Not overly help full I’m afraid!!


    I have a specialized Alias 143 on my road bike, I run a Selle Italia SLK ladies on my MTB if that helps to compare. I’ve tried quite a few and its surpirsing how uncomfortable padded saddles are for long rides, although the combination of shorts and saddle is important. It may also pay to check her bike set up, she may not have any weight on her arms in which case its all on her bum, dropping her bars slightly or shortening her stem might also help?

    Before I got my riding position sorted I hated the Alias after 1.5 hours or so but since I did a cycle fit I have really liked it. Having said that my first 100 mile ride really broke my a**. Once over that I havent had any problems at all. It seems there is a certain amount of breaking in of both saddle and rider required.

    Have you tried getting measured by the LBS? some have that Specialized BG measuring system which makes sure that the saddle is only as wide as your sit bones, any wider and you just end up rubbing on it

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    Have Terry Butterfly’s on all my bikes. Ridden quite a few centuries on the road.

    Had a roadie rental last year and ended up buying a spare Butterfly as couldn’t get on with the saddle on it!

    Terry has a 30 day love it or send it back policy, might be worth a try.

    In addition to the comment about the type of shorts your girlfriend might want to try Chamois Buttr or minty-arse-lard, helps no end too.

    P.S. I don’t work for Terry.


    I’ve also heard good things about the Terry saddles

    Good point on chamois creams – I swear by sudacream for the sit bone area and it comes in a mini sized one for top ups on the way!


    I have a bontrager race lite fit wsd saddle on my road bike which I have been happy with, so much so I fitted one to my cross bike and mtb. Other saddles that I have found comfy are the fizik saddles – the poggio and vitesse especially.

    Anna Burns

    I have a Specialized Jet on my road bike and a Fizik Vitesse on my mountain bike-both really good saddles. Has Mrs Teacake considered moving the saddle slightly forwards or backwards? I found that this made a huge difference for me. Also, invest in some decent women specific road tights with good padding. Hope this helps!


    the missus rates:

    Selle Italia Lady Transam

    Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow

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    The missus had different Bontrager ones: they were pretty good. Now she has a Fizik that came on her Cube AMS Pro (2008). Awesome – she loves it. It is the woman’s version but you would not realise this to look at it. I was going to get one for her other bike but the price was a bit scary when I had a look last (around November).

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    Partner rates WTB Deva.


    My wifes likes Specialized BG saddle, 25 quid at LBS, on her upright bike. Narrower for any stretched bike, road or XC.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Use the same saddle on all my bikes – Selle Italia SLK Gel Flow. The wings slightly flex.

    Can’t believe it took me so long to figure out that minimalist is the way to go.


    Fizik vitesse rocks. The Selle ones have left me in pain they are just too wide!

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