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  • Girls Age 10-12 MTB Clothes
  • Premier Icon andyduk

    Hey All – Does anyone recommend anywhere I can get girls 10-12 MTB clothes from ? I’ve seen FilthyRides, Endura and Decathalon but are there other sites/brands I am missing ?

    Have a cycling mad 8 yr old, who wont stop growing !

    Thanks !

    Premier Icon beamers

    Have you had a look at Polaris?

    I’ve got a couple of pairs of their kids baggy shorts for my 2 kids. Word of warning though, the sizing for the shorts is on the large side so you’ll need to order a much smaller size than normal.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Altura used to do decent kids stuff when ours were smaller, but we mostly use Decathlon.

    Do Dare2Be do kids stuff still?

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    When mine were that age my first port of call was StartFitness, who sell loads of Scott stuff at hefty discounts.

    I’d just buy a sackload of whatever was cheap, then return what the kids didn’t like/want.


    +1 for Polaris.

    I bought my 8 year old a jersey and mitts last week and the quality is good for the money.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    When our girls were that age it was Chain Reaction and Start Cycles.

    Used to drill down for women XS and then in price low to high. Got them to select what they liked and then what didn’t fit got sent back.

    Our 25 year old still uses some of the clothes that were ordered then.

    Sold quite a lot of the stuff, some of it nearly new, at Peatys Bike Bonanzas at £2 a item.

    What hasn’t gone goes back into the box for the next year as its always a crowd puller to the stall


    We kitted out our 3.5 year old with stuff from recently, and are really happy with the stuff we got.

    Premier Icon RichPenny

    Polaris or Dare2B off eBay, tops on there from about £5, padded shorts are a bit more tho.

    Premier Icon andyduk

    Wow Vinnyeh you are a star !!! So cheap and much stuff in proper MTB style ! Do you know if they size up small or large?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    The Kids Racing site is pretty good stuff:

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