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  • Gin – gift recommendations
  • Riofer
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    I’m not a gin drinker so am after some advice on a good bottle to get as a gift for a friend. I have seen a bottle of Hendricks(?) at their house don’t know if this helps as a guide to their taste?

    So what’s going on in the world of juniper based spirits?


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    Tanqueary No 10

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    Gin is the new Whisky for niche-ists, so beware….!

    That said, I am a fan of Hendricks, these days. If they already have that, why not try something a little different, like Sipsmith.

    (Odd niche suggestion – Serve very tall, not too strong, with a thin slice of ginger instead of lemon. Oh, and Fever Tree Tonic FTW! Oh no, I’m a gin-nichemonger….!)

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    Hendricks is a pretty good shout to be honest very popular and very tasty.

    For something different, Martin Miller’s is interesting. It’s very orangy and makes a very pleasant fruity G&T or a lovely zesty martini.

    For a straightforward london dry done very well you could try Portobello Road. I’m almost finished my bottle now which I’m a bit sad about. Makes a classic G&T and a fantastic kick in the nuts martini.

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    Not a gin drinker unless its Hendricks.

    Lovely stuff that

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    There are a few possibilities on here that could be worth a look. I’ve bought whisky from this company before but I’m no gin expert…

    edit – Wow, just realised that there are 7 pages of gins on there…

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    Caorunn is quite a nice tipple and a handsome object if its a present for someone

    (i don’t think that picture is large enough!)

    For something a bit different see if you can rustle up some Jenever which is the dutch version of Gin. Its less distilled and easier drinking than british gin, fresher tasting and typically drank neat.

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    Botanist is my favourite uk gin. i find blackwoods and most orhers overly sweet.
    From the USA
    Aviation – touch of anaseed which makes it interesting and worth trying.
    Deathsdoor – expensive but amazing… gin to the power of gin
    Cold River – sherbet, makes an interesting G&T but on its own its very special.

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    Edinburgh Gin is nice as is Orkney Gin which is available in Tesco prefer these to hendricks I will second the Portobello road gin

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    .good thread, fathers pressie sorted

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    Sipsmith as above, or Chase distillery stuff is meant to be fantastic.

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    The Botanist (from the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay) is lovely stuff, we brought 5 bottles back last year & will get some more next July when we go back!
    Lovely just with ice.
    & here’s the still it’s distilled in……

    015 by jimmyg352, on Flickr

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    Gin seems all the rage recently. Bombay Saphire, Tanqueray 10 and Hendricks have, in that order, been the top choice over the last few years. If he isn’t an uber niche STW’er, I’d go with Hendricks, especially as you know he drinks it! (I love Whiskey, and my cupboard has 4 bottles of Lagavulin, but I’m always happy to receive more!).

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    My current favourite tipple is Adnams First Rate. Price-wise is comparable to a bottle of Tanq 10 or Beefeater 24 (two other favourites)

    Depends how special you want to go really – to be honest I’d welcome any bottle of gin, and feel rather more pleased with something that you can’t pick up in average supermarket. Just like whisky the enjoyment of trying something new is a real treat…

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    Juniper Green is nice – and not too pricey (though I haven’t bought any in ages). Once it became so niche, I realised I needed to set a new trend. 😉

    It’s all about the proportions of gin to tonic for me – I’ve never liked it neat tbh – bitter lemon for retro-seventies heaven though.

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    The Angel Inn at Woodbridge Suffolk specialises in Gin (a huge range), great place to eat too. Look them up and drop them a line …. she is obsessed and will happily talk Gin with anyone interested!

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    It’s got to be 6’o clock. Top gin with a tonic to match, don’t ruin your g+t with rubbish tonic. They sell nice gift sets too.

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    Sloe – tis the season, after all.

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    and these:

    Slice of lime.

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    Hendricks is a bit…cucumbery. +1 for Tanqueray 10. +1 for Sipsmith. This Bruichladdich gin looks like gift material. I like Plymouth gin although the cupboard seems to have Bombay Sapphire in it now.

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    Oxley Gin

    but then, I am biased….

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    My wife went to the Good Food Show today and has bought some SLOEmotion damson gin.

    Very nice it is too…………

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    Got distracted by work last night, so have only just checked back in on this thread. This place never lets you down, thanks for all the links and suggestions. I’m sure to find something there that will fit the bill.


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    Foxdentons 48 or Sipsmiths

    Or if you feel adventurous Number 209 from San Fran

    which ever you get you should also give a four pack of Fever Tree Tonic

    If you are loaded and the friend is good – the Ginvent Calendar

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