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  • Gigs you're off to
  • Premier Icon votchy
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    Motley Crue in Brum
    Prodigy in Brum
    Neds Atomic Dustbin in Wolverhampton

    Premier Icon 10
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    PiL are playing near me in November. Think I might give that a go. Heading to Calexico next month. Had planned on going to misterwives but it sold out.

    Premier Icon dufusdip
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    Leftfield, Corn Exchange Edinburgh in Oct. First gig since Chemical Brothers in 2002 ish.


    Premier Icon seadog101
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    Alt-J, Leeds, December. Younger seadog coming too, one of his most favourite bands. He will not know about this until the day of the gig.

    Premier Icon iBaa
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    Metric, Leftfield, Above & Beyond over 3 months in Birmingham, then Faithless in Manchester.

    Always seem to have a great selection of gigs booked on the run up to Christmas.

    Premier Icon cb
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    jamj1974 – Looking at the gut on Blaze now, I think he might have ditched the riding…

    Forgot the Prodigy!! Manc November

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Not a lot going on yet.
    OP you’re local to me – what are the Computers like (shit name put me off!)

    So far only got Godspeed! You Black Emperor in Brighton Oct 28th.
    and Milos Karadaglic also Brighton Dome, but thats not til April. Split with me bird, so dunno who I’ll be going with! Classical Geetar makes me emotional so I’ll need someone 😥

    And need to find more gigs!

    Premier Icon Danny79
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    The Computers are alot of fun used to be very punk now big bandish


    Old nsfw sweary

    Got a fairly varied taste in music mostly impressed by bands that leave it all up on the stage.

    Definitely worth checking out youtube for bands playing independence festival line up here!/independencefestivalsouthampton/photos/pb.448290085327907.-2207520000.1441318739./507251079431807/?type=1&source=54 edit link broke on phone so copy paste job

    Imo yak are worth ticket alone

    Premier Icon jamj1974
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    Forgot – got Ride as well!

    Premier Icon vickypea
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    I’ve just seen The Offspring and also Bad Religion. We normally have a lot of gigs lined up for autumn but so far only Frank Turner in November this year.

    Premier Icon Whathaveisaidnow
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    the wedding present playing Bizarro in Leamington spa Oct 2nd


    Premier Icon sofaboy73
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    Hot 8 brass, Frank Turner, Public Enemy and Prodigy all in November, all on my doorstep in the fair city of Sheffield

    Premier Icon twohats
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    Mutiod Man in October.
    Uncle Acid in November filled by Torche the night after.
    High on fire at the end of November.
    Then a double whammy of Slayer and clutch in December!

    Premier Icon zzjabzz
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    Subhumans at the Star and Garter on the 24th
    UK Subs are playing there before it shuts down for good too – will make that one.
    Maybe a couple more if anything crops up…

    One of the few plus points about Facebook is the amount of gigs that you find out about that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

    Premier Icon pete68
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    Frank turner seems popular doesn’t he!

    Premier Icon donks
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    Just booked Ride at Brixton in Oct

    Premier Icon TheDTs
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    Arcadia tomorrow, Bristol

    Premier Icon rogermoore
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    Richard Hawley in November. Never seen him before so looking forwards to it.

    Premier Icon choppersquad
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    IAMX at Koko in November.
    If you’ve never heard of them YouTube is your friend.
    You can thank me later.

    Premier Icon mt
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    Saw the New Rope String Band last night, great.

    Premier Icon hora
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    The Staves Manchester

    Premier Icon whippersnapper
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    Dope Body the week after next. Will have to look into Uncle Acid after twohats mentioned above.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex
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    Burn. at the dome in tufnell park, in october. the first ever gig in europe for this legendary NYHC band who released one of the finest 7″s of the genre/scene back in 1990, and who will be ridiculously good…


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