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  • I’m about 5’9″ 30″ inside leg, but I like longer top tubes, although I’ve owned 2 medium trances, I feel just at home on a large.
    wider bars, long/short stem,saddle position etc all make a difference, I’d go for a large next time personally, but it’s a personal choice really


    I’m just over 6 foot and found a large slightly to small

    I’m same size as you and ride a medium trance 27.5 and i find it fits me just perfect. Do you have a shop/ dealer near that you can test ride both sizes before committing?


    5 foot ten and a bit. 32.5″ inseam.

    Slap bang in the middle of most medium/large sizings. Except Giant, which puts me in a medium trance. Firmly on a medium.

    Any real world views?


    Another same height etc

    Medium is pretty perfect in my view. Tried a mates Large Anthem and just a little too big

    Premier Icon slackboy

    I’m on a Large and 6’1″. I think it would be to big for anyone shorter.


    I am 5.10. Medium trance perfect. Currently own a medium anthem and again perfect.


    5’9″, medium Trance (also medium Anthem and Defy)

    5’10 here too.
    Had 2008 and 2015 Trances both medium, both worked really well size wise. Now have Anthem and Reign, both in medium, although in the case of the Reign was a real close call between medium and large.


    I’m only 5′ 7″/30″ inside leg, and I like quite a lot of seat post sticking out of my 2017 Trance 2 (seat higher than handlebar/stem with a 10mm spacer), and the Medium is perfect for me too.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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