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  • jeb


    I ridden the Trance 2008/09 , on my favorite track, lovely geometry, very stable, no bopping, superfast in switchbacks, climbed pretty well, -but not the best climber i
    tried, but when i stir it all together it is a super bike. But one thing makes when
    passing it on, i ride mainly very fast technical singletrack, and even playing with
    the sag, i could feel i pushed it too its limits, i very much liked it to have some
    l more travel.

    And voila, there come the bigbrother, the giant reign, with 6 inches, perfects, but tell
    how does it ride compared to the trance, does it feel heavy, slow, how does it climb, does it feel “bottomless” on singletrack ?

    I ride a Blur LT, at the moment, compared to the trance, it is not as stiff, climbs worse, steering is more twitchy, it does bob a bit, it pedals pretty wells, but not as well as the trance, but it feels quite a bit more botttoless, when hittting holes, bumps, and i like it for that, so if the reign could match my LT, it would be a clear winner to me:thumbsup:


    Trance X – inbetweener?


    Sorry but the bit about getting the bike to its limit is bullshit.


    I am very very very happy with my 08 Trance X0. see in special offers. RRP was £2350, I paid £1650 delivered. The 09 version gets a few nice goodies but the same frame for £3500….WTF!!


    It is the trance X i am refering to.


    I love giants, and I have some as hire bikes.

    However the problem is that they come underforked.

    The trance X comes with 120mm forks!! it should be the 140mm fox’s and the 160mm fox 36’s on the reign.

    so for the UK the trance X is perfect but just get some decent forks.


    I’ve got a Trance X5 as a demo bike if it helps. In Bracknell, Berks. Details in profile. 🙂

    love my x1 vgood xc bike

    I’d say the reign doesn’t offer any real benefit for UK trails and just adds a butt-load of weight and slower geometry. Trance X would be my choice of the two (I have a 4″ trance – my second – and I love it).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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