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  • Premier Icon yoshimi

    Anyone got one of these?

    My flirtations with hardtail riding has come to an end and before I go straight back to a Turner 5 spot I want to look at my options.

    I used to have one of the very early Reigns and it was a great bike, frame a bit heavy but could live with it.

    Just wondering what the new one is like.


    ive got a 2008 reign ,(the first of the newer design).
    their great bikes , they pedal well and decend very well , its quite a light frame for a 6 incher too .

    Premier Icon mboy

    The Reign is a bit tall and has relatively steep angles, which is a bit out of vogue these days. It suits some people, not others.

    By contrast, the Reign X I had, with its 20mm of extra travel, was low slung and nicely slack, yet not much heavier (frame only weight anyway). Loved it, just couldn’t justify keeping it.


    Dirt did a test last month (I think)

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    I was wondering how they’ve evolved; that maybe with the rise of the ‘x’ the standard Reign has become more xc – the one I had was a very early one at I thought of it at the time as a true do anything bike

    Loco- that’s a pretty good review

    I think it’ll take a lot tho to put me off going for the 5dpot again

    Cheers for the replies guys

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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