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  • Giant Defy Alu – real world experience?
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    Are they a relatively comfortable as reviewed? And are the wheels really THAT heavy (Defy 3).


    Going on here?

    Anyway I have a Alu Defy, it replaced a Specialised road bike, noticeably more comfortable to me, but Im a mountain biker, not a roadie


    Well, the geometry is the same as the carbon offerings. the wheels are the same as my son’s Avail, and whilst not Kysriums, they are fine training wheels. I upgraded the tyres to Durano S. Of course the bike is so small (XS) I can’t comment on comfort as I can barely ride it, suffice to say that he doesn’t complain, and says he prefers it to the previous Trek alloy road bike.

    If I didn’t have an alloy TCR already, I’d buy one as a winter bike to go with my Defy Advanced SL. They are very popular at the club. Geometry and feel is quite similar to the TCR to be honest, particularly when stem is changed (stock is a little short). More race than comfort. Compact chainset is fine for me, but I have changed the rear cassette to something close spaced. And it takes mudguards and a rack!!! What’s not to like? The frame is a peach. Very light.

    I bought a Defy 1 two weeks ago. Have already logged over 200 miles on it and think it’s absolutely wonderful.
    I changed the compact for a double before purchase.

    yes, I had one and loved it. (Defy 1) I found it a really comfy ride.

    Mudguards where a pain in the arse, the defy ones fit easily but on mine 2011 model I could only fit 23c tyres without rubbing. I gave the bike to my old man who now loves it.

    I replaced it with a surly pacer with nicer kit and would happily go back to the defy.


    brilliant bikes, comfy ride position and a nice smooth ride. Not the stiffest frame, go to carbon for that. i covered many 5-6 hour rides on mine without any drama or fuss.go for it


    One final point on comfort. When correctly adjusted, with about one cm of spacers (on a slighly longer head tube), I find I can ride on the drops pretty much indefinitely. 100km on Saturday and barely on the hoods at all. That is the mark of both a well fitting and comfortable bike.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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