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  • Giant defy 1 vs defy composite 3 choices
  • Premier Icon geoffj

    I got the 2012 composite 3 from pauls for £900. It’s tiagra spec and works well – recommended!

    Premier Icon alexonabike

    Ive recently bought the 2014 Defy 1.

    Nothing to report really. It just works.


    I’m currently looking at a Defy Carbon, 2013 model reduced for a replacement to my Ally C’dale, mainly cause I can get it on the C2W scheme. I’m told that the Giant carbon is pretty good and the defy carbon did win the bike of the year last year so is possibly a slight upgrade from my C’dale. It is definitely noticeably lighter unlike other low end carbon bikes I’ve looked at. I’m tempted. I would upgrade to 105 from the proceeds of my C’dale sale and transfer the Tiagra over to my Roadrat which I’m converting from Singlespeed to geared as a commute hack/wet weather bike. The bike looks great in the flesh. I love the teardrop shaped seat post. Don’t need it at all, but C2W makes it cheap and very convenient to buy.


    Still trying to decide on replacement for my previously stolen bikes, decided on a road bike to be a giant defy. Never had a carbon frame before and always been happy with ally for the road… The defy 1 looks ace for the cash and gets good reviews but do I go for a bit more cash and get the composite frame with lower spec components ? Any opinions welcome as I’m struggling to decide 🙁


    Had the same dilemma a while back.. it was either a defy 1 alu or a used ( for about 50mls!) defy composite 1 with full ultegra for £1100.. so glad i went for the carbon one.. great bike. 😀

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Same dilemma here.
    Think I’m going carbon.

    All dependant on employer signing up for the cyclescheme.


    I went Alu (Giant Defy 0). Happy with my decision, the ultegra shifters are luxurious and the overall package is lighter than the carbon bike for the same money. Had a little ride around on the carbon version but I didn’t spend enough time on it to really say.

    Premier Icon stratman

    I got an Advanced 2 (ultegra)2012 about a year ago (on end of year discount) It’s a bit lighter still, but the main thing I find is the comfort. It feels smoother than the 531c road bike that I use to commute. Ultegra is lovely, you could always upgrade later.

    Ps recently did London to Paris on it. 136 miles on the second day, previous longest ride 56miles, longest day 85, and still felt fresh when I got off at the Arc de Triomphe

    Premier Icon bobsoff2

    Defy Composite… so much smoother than the alloy.


    Composite plus Tiagra would trump alloy plus Ultegra. I have variants of both. Tiagra is an excellent groupset and shifts better (lighter) than the current 6700 Ultegra.

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