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    Giant are kings of customer service and with a polite word from the dealer, will quite likely cover the cost of an upgrade. So the OP will probably get what he wants if he keeps his wig on and doesn’t get all shouty. Then he can feel he’s won…………but we’ll all know the truth 😆

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    You bought it happy and rode it home, if it’d been mail order or you’d raised it in the shop before purchase then maybe but as it stands suck it up buttercup. If you want bigger buy an adaptor and new rotor.

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    TBH if the front rotor diameter is the only thing not quite as per the website spec’ then you’ve probably done quite well for yourself.

    Have you checked the model number on all the components?
    I mean all of them? Are the BB, tyres, Front Mech, Hubs, spoke count, stem, bars, headset and seat post all exactly as per the spec sheet?

    Then you probably need to ask yourself is a slightly smaller rotor than the website says an actual deal breaker or are you being picky for other reasons?

    Is this really a bit of “buyer’s remorse” with some transference onto the shop staff?

    If you do take it up as a complaint what sort of outcome are you really looking for?

    -A slightly bigger rotor to be fitted FOC?
    -Some money knocked off?
    -An apology from someone?
    -Return of the bike and a full refund citing SOGA?

    Those are the basic options, and chasing till you get any one of them is a bit Dickish TBH… and I’d not be shocked if future enquiries from oyu were met with a polite “We can’t get those I’m afraid” when you get yourself labeled as a “Difficult customer”.

    Strictly speaking I don’t think the shop are at fault here.

    They had a contract with you to supply a “Giant Talon 0” and sell it to you at an agreed price, they’ve done that, the detail of the spec was probably not stated. If there were any items stipulated in that contract such as “the bicycle shall have a 180mm diameter front brake rotor” or even if you’d printed off the spec sheet and insisted they staple it to the order and write “Bicycle to be exactly as per this specification” then you might have a point, but that isn’t what happened is it.

    They got the bike delivered in a box from the distributor assembled it, checked it was functional and safe and then no doubt gave you a call to tell you it was ready, did they charge any extra for that?

    For their trouble they get accused of dicking you about and then you head off to whine on the interwebz, and we wonder why LBS’s are in decline…

    I’d ignore a blatant chancer quite clearly trying to get something for nothing after the deal’s been done.


    I don’t know if it’s me but the rotor on the webpage ‘looks’ like a 160?


    I returned a shepherds pie to Tesco’s once…..I sh1t you not.


    pfft, I once returned a can of Irn-bru

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    I don’t know if it’s me but the rotor on the webpage ‘looks’ like a 160?

    not just you, in the pic it is a 160, caliper bolted directly to fork with no step-up adaptor kinda confirms that unless RS now using PM180 mouns on their forks, but that that’s still a 160 in the pic, but on the ‘FULL SPECS’ tab it lists 180.

    either way it’s not worth worrying about…


    ^^^^^^ Rorschach – you just made my day with that link it sums up this thread perfectly.


    The Op asterix, not you.

    Haha, that link is mint rorsach. 😀


    Giant arse messing me around

    You what?


    Mind this can work the other way to.Back in 03 i brought a Trek liquid which was suppose to come with Rock Shox forks and shock but turned up with Fox front and back.So i definitely never took it back EXCELLENT 😆


    to continue the trek theme, order a bike but by the time it arrived the model was discounted by £200, got it at the revised price.


    When I picked up my kona I had to take the wheels off to put in the car. Very nice suprise to spot that it had the Sram x9 type 2 mech! The web just says x9. Felt rather smug.


    I returned a pint of McEwans lager once, what do I win?


    It’s not a great exspence for the shop to change it , I’m a touch surprised they did not just fit a 180 as a good will thing

    But it’s not unusual for the spec to be inaccurate now as then
    The problem is nothing to do with giant thought as your contract is with the shop


    The whole point is though he bought it from a shop, he had the chance to inspect it. Had he bought it on-line then this is the sort of thing the distance selling regs are there to protect as you don’t have a chance to inspect the goods before purchase. Sure a 180mm to 160mm change rotor size difference would probably pass most people by but then he clearly noticed it later and if it’s that much of an issue for him it should have been on his checklist at the bike shop. It’s absolute bollocks making a comparison with advertising it as a full carbon super bike and actually giving you a £50 Halfords special


    Hi Guys,

    Just thought it would be worth pointing out that, as some have commented, most bike shops don’t check the specification of each bike that comes in against the website and/or brochure.

    Most will state that specifications are subject to change and there are various reasons that they might. Mostly it would be down to a shortage of a certain product and sometimes it is just an error or omission.

    In any case the first thing to do would be to go back to the shop and see if they can resolve the issue. As mentioned the Manufacturer or distributor will always refer you back to the shop as the contract of sale is with them.

    Hopefully the OP will update the thread with his opinion on how the situation here is being resolved and that it is to his satisfaction.

    Dave Corrigan – Store Manager


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    The Op asterix, not you. Haha,

    Cheers mate – no worries 🙂

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