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  • Giant Anthem/Trance 29er bb heights?
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    Despite putting 170 cranks on my Anthem 29er I’m still getting pedal strikes on a regular basis where I never have before. Earlier in the year I did a painful involuntary dismount on the worst section of Moor Lane in Grisedale as a result of this problem, and I did a “land on my feet dismount” last week over Blawith on a very innocent climb that’s never given a hint of a problem on any other bike I’ve ridden it on.

    (Yes, I’m sure lack of skill comes into it aswell)

    Giant don’t give bb heights but I’ve searched the internet, and reviews variously quote a 12.75″ bb height for a medium and 12.8″ for a large.

    Mine is a medium and unsagged it might just be 12″ of clearance.

    Have I got a duff bike with a lower than average bb height?

    If anyone has an Anthem 29er in a medium could they do me a favour and measure the bb height on theirs and post on here please. Ta.

    As a result I was thinking of getting a Trance 29er for my Lakeland riding. Reviews on that quote 13″ bb clearance for a medium which I reckon should be enough for me.

    Can anyone verify that measurement for me please?

    Apart from this problem and a poorly sealed headset the Anthem 29er is a brilliant bike to ride so don’t be put off by this.
    The bike has given me enormous enjoyment.

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