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  • anyone got one? really interested in getting one, would love some pics of the bike in the flesh which i have not seen yet 🙁 really are a cracking buy for the 2k asking price!

    will this bike be ok for peaks? very light rider, currently on 140mm rig….looking for a lighter do it all bike, mix of xc and peaks/trail centres etc….

    will this fair ok?

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    I love my X1. No pics I am afraid but it is a smart bike. We just got an X2 in stock in the shop and you are right, it is great value for 2k.

    cheers bud for the reply, shame no pics, i take it yours is that nice shiny new red one then? 🙂

    how does it ride? what sorts of terrain do you use it on? is 100mm travel comfortable enough for all day efforts etc?

    many thanks


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    you know it makes sense


    i ride my 2009 model around the peaks, and it is plenty. Also taken it to spain and it was great on some pretty hairy terrain

    any more info 🙂 the x3 is a good spec too for the cash….prefer the blue though 😉


    Ive got an x2.

    Swapped out the wheels for something decent and changed the fork to an f120 and dropped the stem length down a tad and its one of the best bikes ive ridden (and in my job i ride lots of bikes!)

    Crap phone pic!

    ahh thats superb!! it does look mint!!! if you get chance to take any more better quality pics would really appreciate it if possible before i buy 🙂

    same boat as you would swap the wheels out for some form of tubless setup, and jobs a good un!

    looks so sweeeeet in blue!

    does it come as standard with the shimano floating rotors?


    I've recently got an X4 although there's only the frame, fork and shock left from the original bike. Only job left is to trim the hoses.

    Very light build for the money.

    Personally I think the X3 is the best Anthem for spec v price,given that SLX is virtually as good as XT,and it costs £250 less.I prefer the black/red colour scheme and would use the £250 left over towards a decent lightweight wheelset,which would probably give a more noticebale benefit than the XT bits.

    Both are good value though,particularly when compared to other Giants such as the Talon and XTC.

    The X4 is a cracking deal too at £1400,given that you get a proper Fox Float and F series fork,and that many bike manufacturers offer frame only options for a similar price.

    sam r

    I keep looking at these…

    I haven't wanted a new bike for a long time 🙁

    in answer to the OP: I think people are starting to realise that bigger isn't always best when it comes to suspension travel – Orange ST4 & Blood being good examples. I reckon for the kind of riding you describe short travel FS could be really good. One thought: how much are bearing kits if you're riding in t'peak grit?

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    I just got the frame in Medium. Pretty sure I was served by v10 🙂

    I know the complete bikes are better value but I'm too lazy to dismantle the bike and sell all the parts before putting my own back on.

    Its got its first proper outing on Sunday.


    I think you were 😀

    Its coming out to play at llandegla tomorrow so ill take a few decent pictures with a proper camera!

    Ive got a very nicely specced Orange 5 but even though ive only had this out a few times i cant really think of many places in the UK where point to point it would be any faster.

    As for the x4/x3/x2/x1 debate its a tricky one, im in the nice position of having to pay less between the gaps between the ranges because of what i do.

    I initially looked at the X4 – superb value, looks fantastic but knew id end up needing to change the brakes as well as the wheels and finishing kit and probably a few other bits as im a tart! The X3 was certainly a good option and has sold equally as well as the x4 in store but ill be honest i just didn't like the colour! X2 for me wasnt much more, the blue looks ace and although i know the frame doesn't really need it the RP2 shock will appeal more to others in the future when i come to split the frame / sell the bike. X1 even though the upgrade would have been less than the £750 in the retails still didn't really stack up in my eyes 😐

    No pics I'm afraid but I picked mine up on saturday…..just in time for the Whinlatter challenge on the Sunday.

    It is a FANTASTIC bike. Climbs like someone else is pedalling it and for a 100mm travel bike descents are a blast. It took me a bit of fettling to get the shock settings right (been riding hard tail for a few years) but once I did….. 😀 😀 😀


    Oh and thanks neninja!

    My OH has just said… "Bet you wished you'd got the white giant now dont you, it looks much better"


    X3 for me. The wheels will be changed – Hope SP XC3 with 355's – but only 'cos I have some – it has not been ridden on a 'real' ride but a wizz along the local rooty riverbank was most entertaining 😀


    I need to blank this thread from my mind….. I do not need a new bike….I don't….

    you deffently need a new anthem!

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    Work in progress and still without new wheels GRRRR :p


    Had mine out tonight for its first taste of mud and rocks – WOW – what a superb little bike. Climbing is really good – excellent traction and no going light and wandering about on the steep stuff. Fantastic on the decents and was never worried about choosing a rough line – could this be nirvana? 😀 – I am going out again tomorrow – just to check!


    wish they would do a 29er version

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Would it be sacriledge to put air pikes on an anthem x frame?


    no, but it would probably snap, its an XC frame!

    Rode one at cannock, definately adictive how quickly they move, but wouldnt fancy a technical downhill on one, they liked smooth trails best.


    Still just as good today 😀

    wouldnt fancy a technical downhill on one

    I've been down some pretty rocky chutes today looking for a particular trail down into Gunnerside Gill – and some b@stard hard climbs back out again – and it has been superb – biggish volume tyres are the answer methinks.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    no, but it would probably snap, its an XC frame!

    I was thinking more running it at 120mm Adam Craig stylee. Anybody any idea what the max allowable travel you can run and not void warranty?

    Oh, and just how big a tyre can you fit on the back anyways?

    Here's mine.

    Absolutely loving it but I agree with DeeJay. I have a Blue Groove – Nevegal combo that will be going on tonight.

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